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Bitrefill Rewards

Bitrefill Rewards is Bitrefill’s very own Sats-back customer rewards program. Every Bitrefill account holder will now earn a minimum 1% of the total purchasing price, back in Satoshis, every time they use Bitrefill to purchase gift cards and mobile refills. These rewards can be accumulated and used towards future purchases.

What are my Bitrefill rewards good for?
You can use your accumulated Sats to purchase gift cards and mobile refills directly with your rewards balance earnings, or you can also use your rewards balance earnings to combine with your existing Bitcoin, or USD/EUR balance, to purchase gift cards or mobile refills.

How rewards work

Sign up for a Bitrefill account or log in to an existing account. It only requires a valid email address!

Use Bitrefill, as normal, and earn Sats-back with Bitrefill Rewards, instantly, as you buy your favorite gift cards, digital vouchers, and mobile refills.

You’ll see the Satoshis you’ve earned, automatically begin accumulating in your rewards balance, within your account, with every purchase.

You can now use these Sats towards future purchases on thousands of gift cards and mobile refills in our product catalog, available worldwide.

You can combine your existing account balance with rewards to make the purchases.

Our Bitrefill community has been requesting Bitrefill Rewards for a while, and we’ve been working hard to deliver. With Bitrefill Rewards, now you can earn a minimum 1% on gift cards, digital vouchers, and mobile refills, instantly.

Every single Satoshi matters, every single Satoshi counts. You’ve asked for a rewards program, and we’ve answered with Bitrefill Rewards.

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