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Carrefour, which forms the basis of modern retailing in the world and opened its first store in France on June 15, 1963, is now in 30 countries. With Bitrefill's Carrefour gift card, you can now buy any of the thousands of products Carrefour has to offer, and pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

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Carrefour is one of France's oldest chains of retail superstores. They now operate in many other countries. Since 1960, Carrefour has been a leader in retail, being Europe's first retailer to open a location with a supermarket, hypermarket, and department store in the same location.

Use at any Carrefour Turkey location.

  • With its 12,300 stores, it is the number 1 retail chain of Europe preferred by an average of two billion people a year. Carrefour, prioritizes cheap prices, a commitment to health, hygiene, to its investments and exports are the basis of modern retailing.
  • Electronic SMS checks are not valid for bulk alcoholic beverage and tobacco products purchases, gold purchases and GSM TL uploads. valid in all CarrefourSA markets and GİMA's.
  • It is not valid online, it cannot be used in Carrefoursa Hyper Stores flavor restaurants.

  • 12.300 mağazasıyla yılda ortalama iki milyar kişinin alışverişlerinde tercih ettiği Avrupa’nın 1 numaralı perakende zinciridir. CarrefourSA, Türkiye’de ucuz fiyat politikası, hijyen, ve sağlığa verdiği önem, yaptığı yatırımlar ve ihracatla modern perakendeciliğin temelini oluşturmaktadır.
  • Elektronik SMS çeklar, toplu alkollü içecek ve tütün mamülleri alımlarında, altın alımlarında ve GSM TL yüklemelerinde geçerli değildir. tüm CarrefourSA marketlerimizde ve GİMA’larda geçerlidir.
  • Online da geçerli değil, Carrefoursa Hiper Mağazalardaki Lezzet arası Restorantlarda kullanılamaz.

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