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Thor API for Lightning Network Service Integrations

Bitrefill’s full suite of services for the Lightning Network is now available via Thor API. Any web-connected platform, app, or business can get direct access to buying channels from Bitrefill programmatically, allowing new use cases and a better experience for customers. Bitrefill’s Lightning nodes are reliable and well-connected on the network, ensuring your users can route payments to endpoints without friction. Our Thor API allows you to open private channels with our Lightning node, on demand, with custom capacities between 300,000 to 16,000,000 sats.

Turbo-charge your Lightning channels

You can also enable our Turbo channel option and provide instantly spendable BTC loaded into user channels, but please note that this service requires special compatibility with the LNURL format for delivery. Turbo channels allow anyone to instantly access the Lightning Network, through Bitrefill's nodes, with a bitcoin balance that's immediately spendable, removing any wait times associated with transaction confirmations.

How does it work?

Our system will receive and pass all appropriate payment and delivery information without the need to access our website platform or widget integration. Payment for Thor services allows any of our supported payment methods, including BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, DOGE, or Lightning BTC & Lightning LTC.

Each Thor channel will be kept open on our side for 30 days, potentially longer if there's activity. Turbo channels currently only work using Bitcoin Lightning Wallet for Android. Contact today to obtain your access key and dashboard access.


  • Instant access to the Lightning Network
  • Instantly spendable BTC balance
  • Custom incoming capacity
  • Custom BTC balance
  • Refill any channel
  • Pay to any endpoint