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Just topped up the prepaid card for a #Zimbabwean friend with #Bitcoin on @bitrefill. It is astonishing to me, how easy this is, knowing that you actually can not send mo…
Para mi la mejor empresa #bitcoin es: @bitrefill No tienen padrote.
Para nosotros los cubanos, hay una aplicación muy interesante llamada @bitrefill desde la cual podemos por ejemplo, pagarnos una recarga celular o comprar saldo para nues…
For example, Bitcoin Lightning on @bitrefill allows you to charge your prepaid SIM - cheaper than anywhere else - without handing over your name or address - not leaking …
for most of my living i use @bitrefill, for few things where cash is needed i use @LocalCryptosEN and no KYC required....
@bitrefill has made buying stuff internationally sooo much easier for me.
Ola @Criptohippie tudo bem? Terei todo o gosto de poder usar a @bitrefill nas minhas compras.
Eso es que no conoces a @bitrefill Yo hago mi compra en Carrefour, lleno el depósito en Cepsa, compro en Amazon y amueblo mi casa en Ikea. Todo con #Bitcoin Te animo a qu…
Hey try @bitrefill you can literally buy anything you need in bitcoin
Made my first @bitrefill purchase last night to grab something on amazon. 'Stoked is too strong, but it was a cool moment to use #Bitcoin for something tangible.
99.9% of what I spend money on, is on @bitrefill, waiting for @Wawa gift cards 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🙏🏻
Just bought a gift card on @bitrefill using @ln_strike, amazing. Like actually the easiest and best user experience. I think I can live on #bitcoin now and am seriously c…
For the past 2 years, I haven't bought a scratch card at all. It has always been @bitrefill phone refill. Did this one here for my mum. #bitrefill
I'm planning to purchase as much as I need using @bitrefill as a way to improve my DCA and stack sats at the same time 🥰 #Bitcoin
I suggest you to use @bitrefill, its superfast and super convenient. Actually its a bridge for in between crypto and fiat.
I'm using #Bitcoin more than paypal thanks to services as @bitrefill @mullvadnet @ProtonMail A whole lot hassle too since I'm not region locked with bitcoin
Live on Crypto - If you don't have anymore dirty fiat, but you need to buy something, why would you use an exchange, when you can simply buy gift cards from @bitrefill to…
#bitcoin es dinero de última opción. Si no tienes una cuenta bancaria en $ para transferir dinero e importar productos para ti o tus clientes: #Bitcoin y @bitrefill lo ar…
@bitrefill ?? Sí! Es muy bueno, hasta mis hijas lo usan. 100% recomendado.
@DaleConDash no pude recargar mi movilnet por los bancos y logré hacer la recarga por @bitrefill pagando con dash y la recarga fue casi que instantánea, quedé sorprendido…
Uno de los sitios webs que me gustan de este mundo es @bitrefill Te permite comprar tarjetas de regalo con bitcoin, de lo que sea, hasta podes carga…
Paying Uber rides with #bitcoin. That is how we travel only using #bitcoin and crypto. Say with me: B-O-R-D-E-R-L-E-S-S. @EdgeWallet @bitrefill
Just used @bitrefill to buy an @Xbox gift card to pay for GTA 5 with Bitcoin over Lightning. seamless.
Tested @bitrefill at @amazonIN was super easy and fast. Its time to go mainstream. Best gift card service for crypto users. 👍🏻
@bitrefill saved my ass yesterday. #bitcoin
I might have problem, but buying stuff you need anyways with #Bitcoin via @bitrefill is way more fun than with boring Fiat. And you stack sats as direct cashback! Join th…
We are happy to see more and more users are using @bitrefill via Bitpie #LightningNetwork wallet . It’s quite inspiring. 🥳 👏 👏
Just made my first lightning purchase on Amazon using @bitrefill. Amazingly simple process
@bitrefill works in 170 countries, might be worth looking into.
I use this to buy Steam gift cards for my friends! Love bitrefill ❤️
Look! I just purchased Safaricom mobile airtime using bitcoin on @bitrefill and earned 1008 sats through their Rewards program. Instant transaction. The path to mass adop…
Wondering what you can use your Bitcoin for in India? Check out @bitrefill ( Use your Bitcoin, ETH & Other Alts to -Purchase Gift C…
I just received my PSN card from @bitrefill withing 30-60 minutes of tranfsferring bitcoin to their wallet address. Thanks for the awesome and convenient service especial…
Thanks @bitrefill using your site to buy things in Mexico is super easy!
I just bought a gift card with Dash on @bitrefill. I blinked and it was confirmed & delivered. Awesome.
Otra recarga después de las 9 pm los bancos te envían un mensaje lo siento quédate incomunicada ... Mientras con @bitrefill me mantiene activa 👍 🤗
Bought clothes for kids for #Litecoin @bitrefill is awesome. Easiest way to buy GC for almost any ecommerce related stuff.
プリペイド携帯電話等の暗号通貨決済処理サービス大手の@Bitrefill が、携帯への料金補充の速さを競うコンテストを実施し、 1位と2位に $Dash を使ったユーザーが入りました。Bitrefill はビットコインのLightning Networkを使って支払いができることで有名です。DashがLNより速かったことを意味します。
@bitrefill @BarrioBitcoin Fastest mobile refill in the world using bitrefill 26sec Loved the service bitrefill it's insanely fast ❤️ 🔥
Reload someone's phone in Cuba too, with @bitrefill. You can boost their livelihood with a revolutionary currency.
@bitrefill is simply magical. Go reload someone’s phone in Venezuela in seconds and change her week. Maybe her life.
How to start living on cryptocurrency? @Bitrefill makes it possible. You can purchase Gift Cards from hundreds of popular brands, and top up your phone with hundreds of m…
People care less about how it works than whether it works. Services like @bitrefill make it work for people who could otherwise not pay for things online.
Some people donated me some sats, including @Bitsahara, now right between an emergency thanks to those sats and @bitrefill service is just paid my cellphone bill. Crypto …
I have said it before and I will say it again, @bitrefill is f**king awesome. I have been using it for years to send mobile top-ups to family in #Kenya and 99% of the tim…
Just bought prepaid vodacom airtime with sats using @bluewalletio and @bitrefill. Very smooth experience and very fast! You builders are awesome! The future is here! Get …
Just used @bitrefill for the first time.This site is DOPE! You should too if you spend your $crypto and don't just #HODL it.
Actually I just rechecked @bitrefill. I couldn’t be more wrong. There are many many big chain shops that are available. @Conad Esselunga @CarrefourItalia Despar @EatalyIT…
Wanna say some good words to @bitrefill, false #bitcoin heroes of the industry. Used it for phone topups all over the world, used it for buying stuff from amazon, reloade…
Just bought @PlayStation voucher on @bitrefill paid via #LightningNetwork instantly. #StreetsofRage4 downloading now!
Shoutout to @bitrefill, just bought another 15 GBP #Amazon #Gift Card with bitcoin through them, recommend bitrefill for everyone!
Mi hija acaba de comprar sola saldo para su cuenta de roblox con #Bitcoin #LightningNetwork a través de @bitrefill. Excelente experiencia. Yo le pago en satoshis que ella…
@bitrefill always works fine
@Mr_SauravKT2020-04-15 is really awesome. I can top up my mobile phones anytime and anywhere, by using crypto. And it takes a very low fees while doing a transaction because i use…
@bitrefill is the best and easiest way to use my crypto for shopping that I know!
@bitrefill amazing tech/service, low fees across board. More service & 🎁 cards to family and friends. @digicel 🇼🇸 💪 🔥
Bitrefill Review 2020: How to Top Up Your Mobile Recharge and Buy Giftcards With Bitcoin in Nigeria.
@bitrefill is a treasure. I think there is a site listing many entrepreneurs hosting @BtcpayServer and I often send messages to the merchant directly, asking if they want…
Wait what!!! 😱, recharge your phone with bitcoin 🤔... OK this I got to see. Click on the link below and learn how to recharge your phone with #Bitcoin 😁... @bitrefill …
Don't have to. The free market is in play here, Barbuda fisherman deliver it daily, and I can top up their phones using @bitrefill
Ayer le recargué saldo al teléfono de mi hijo en España. En menos de 5 segundos la tuvo gracias a @bitrefill que acepta criptomonedas. Excelente servicio #QuedateEnCasa
Checking out @bitrefill and they have all kinds of stores from #India listed on their platform!! And you know what you can buy all these with your #bitcoin $ETH $LTC. I h…
Si usted tiene un amigo varado en cualquier parte del mundo a causa del #COVIDー19 puede ayudarlo enviándole #Bitcoin directo a su Wallet ó Ud puede hacer la gestión usand…
Si tienen problemas para pagar su servicio de telefonía por su banco, y quieren mantener la cuarentena, usen @bitrefill, pueden pagar con #Bitcoin #Litecoin, #Dash, entre…
Vpn , cartes #Amazon, cartes #Decathlon, #Carrefour, #footlocker Grâce a @bitrefill 🥳 ♥️ 🥳 et #Bitcoin 🌐
Utilicé parte de los Satoshi ganados en @Bitsahara para probar la recarga de saldo en @bitrefill a través de la #Lightning network. Super genial lo rapido y sencillo, cue…
Absolutely fantastic work by @bitrefill folks. You can even buy @swiggy_in vouchers using Bitcoin now. Thanks @BitcoinErrorLog and team 👊
You can top up any prepaid plan in the world using BTC with @bitrefill
Ngl @bitrefill is saving my life. Orderd several products on amazon and got myself another month of spotify premium
ये लो ! और एक. अब गिफ्ट लेना और भी आसान! #UnstoppableCrypto
UPDATE: @bitrefill now offers Amazon Australia gift cards. Game changers!!!!
Me parece muy loco que a veces puedo recargar más rápido el saldo de mi celular con #bitcoin por Lightning Network con Bitrefill, que por mi banco. PS: Recargue $1,5 dóla…
Sitting in southern Africa I just topped up a local phone with airtime paid with #Bitcoin over the #LightningNetwork. Great job @bitrefill
@bitrefill is seriously an amazing service for #bitcoin! Also #ln integration is so easy/fast. Seriously check them out of you haven't yet. They makea me so freaky~
Nothing like eating Pizza bought with Bitcoin to celebrate $10k via & @bitrefill @UberEats #cryptopizzahunt #PizzaDay
It may have started as a phone recharge offering, but now they offer hundreds of different gift vouchers from several countries and covers ecommerce, travel sites etc.
OK.. This is pretty cool you've got to admit... A review of #bitrefill Click on the link and find out what's up. Grinning face @bitrefill #DASH #Ethereum #Bitcoin #crypto…
Je viens de tester @bitrefill et ça marche super bien, vraiment un beau service.
Just bought my first @amazon voucher's via @bitrefill by my Bitcoins,Works super fast! Great to see Bitcoin finally becoming very easy to use as a payment method in vario…
@bitrefill provides a great service! I had a business trip funded in less than five seconds using @Dashpay!
Bless crypto and @bitrefill for providing an instant mobile top-up. If not them, I might not have mobile data in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and virtually around all of A…
Por exemplo, dá pra usar @bitrefill na Amazon e usar btc de uma forma bem simples. Na minha experiência é mais rápido que cartão de crédito.
I also bought a little voucher for my neighbor on @bitrefill and @Breez_Tech opened up smoothly ☺️ 👌 #gooduserexperience
This is the site to go to if you are looking to spend your crypto. I receive them quickly and they always work. 10/10 would recommend to anyone ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ @bitrefill
- Hermano, ¿me puedes hacer una segunda? No tengo nada de saldo. - Claro. Dame 5 minutos... Solo 1 minuto después, habiendo pasado por @bitrefill y pagado vía LN con @wal…
Bitrefill @bitrefill I use this to buy Amazon gift cards.. supports btc, Ltd, dash and even doge.
I recently purchased a SIM in person at a kiosk in Sweden for cash. Works anywhere in the EU and @bitrefill can top it up with Bitcoin. 😎
I’ve just used some #Dogecoin via @bitrefill. If anyone *dabbles* with cryptocurrencies, I would definitely suggest this. Now, do I buy minecraft or a battle pass for #Ca…
Estoy súper fascinada con la devolución que hay en @bitrefill enseguida me devolvió mi satochis ! Algo que nunca ocurre con el banco !! 😍
I have downloaded the app and it's a fabulous experience having gotten how to use my BTC in my country Uganda 🇺🇬 for the first time apart from exchanging them for fiat.…
Just wanted to thank @bitrefill for their amazing service! I'm always a bit careful at the beginning when it's about sending $BTC anywhere but tried it several times now …
Today i bought 1kg of lentils for $0.90 at a street merchant. I paid with #DASH @Dashpay using the @Coinomi wallet via @Bitrefill mobile recharge! The fee for #Bitrefill …
Just freed myself from the small amount of ETH I had and bought a gift card @bitrefill. Worked like a charm. Since I did that interview with @BitcoinErrorLog I wanted to …
The #Lightning Network may have just gotten its first business-to-business (B2B) payment channel. Two of the most prominent #Bitcoin companies in the space are collaborat…
Recuerden que mañana es #Cybermonday una excelente ocasión para comprar #Bitcoin y Electrónicos 🤣 🤘 Conocen alguna eshop que acepte Bitcoin ? yo estoy que me compro una…
Living in Asia, Bitrefill w/lightning is -the- best way to pay for your utilities, no contest
People say Lightning is a long way from catching on, but it’s already essential to me, used often: instant confirmation payments to @bitrefill
Sometimes it's easier to simply use Bitrefill than LocalBitcoins + dying banking system. Like, well, I can top up my phone or buy a gift card to pay / buy something
Most of us who live on bitcoin would be nowhere without Bitrefill, it's how we buy groceries to eat, phone credit, broadband, clothes, etc. Additionally they've invested …
En La Paz #Bolivia es difícil encontrar negocios para recargar saldo el teléfono. Estoy usando #bitcoin y #eth mediante @bitrefill para recargar a seres queridos y estar …
Proyectos que si masifican, @Bitrefill te ofrece un manera de usar distintos servicios usando #Criptomonedas como medio de pago, no solo en turismo, puedes obtener gift c…
Just sent a #bitcoin #lightning payment from a wallet on one of my US phones here in Saudi, routed through my personal node in Canada, through some intermediate nodes, to…
@bitrefill is a very good & trusted site. I buy top-up many times to my number
I have been using @bitrefill services to top up phones internationally and domestically without issues. Crypto payments are sent and the refill code delivered almost inst…
Introduced few crypto friends in India to @bitrefill. All of them are hooked to the service and love the fact that the service covers all major internet companies in Indi…
Made a top up of my Thai number with @Dashpay via @bitrefill. The whole process took 2 seconds. Wow, it is fast.
New Bitcoin Playground | @bitrefill. ✅Buy Amazon Gift Card with Bitcoin anonymously. ✅Use Thor Recharge to pay lightning invoice.
Used @bitrefill for first time to get a Spain amazon gift card. Super easy ! Awesome.
Excelente!! I just bought a refill for Claro Colombia with Dogecoin #dogecoin @dogecoin @bitrefill
After trying 5 different drugstores to top up my phone in Argentina I gave up. Then I remembered @bitrefill. Instant top up via Lightning in seconds 🚀
.@kcalvinalvinn help me order all the components I need for a new PC. Paid for with the lightning network and @bitrefill gift cards from an online store here in Korea
Just want to point out that @bitrefill’s customer service did a fantastic job of fixing this for me. I’ll gladly keep using their service.
Jaja obvio! Productos o servicios. Pagar la cuenta del teléfono con bitrefill se siente refrescante jeje
All of my electricity and internet is paid by bitrefill with lightning and I hate spending sats. I do it for the sheer convenience and speed.
Major thanks to @bitrefill for making it ridiculously easy to live on #BitcoinOnly!
First time I used @bitrefill. Just bought a Steam voucher using BTC. No registration, no KYC, no anything. That went SO smooth. Not buying a game using any other option, …
En @bitrefill puedes cargar saldo con bitcoin si algún día tu banco no funciona o te quedas sin bolivares
"#Bitcoin no sirve para nada... No puedes pagar nada con eso" Ok, bro. Acabo de pagar saldo para mi teléfono celular utilizando lo que recibí vía @bottlepay en @bitrefill
Bitcoin saved my ass today. I have a debit only Master card and couldn't wait 3 days for money to hit my card, to use Uber to get around San Fran. With @bitrefill and #bt…
Ok, I have to admit: using @bitrefill was finally pretty magical. Could add €15 to my phone as fast as never before (was smoother than paypal). After I did that, I even h…
I love how paying my @ATT cellphone bill with #Dash via @bitrefill is faster than paying it via online banking. We really are witnessing the future of payments
Happened just now... Tried buying a Walmart gift card for a friend in need, my credit card was frozen for fraud. Used #Bitcoin via @bitrefill to buy one a few minutes lat…
My son earns all of his chore money in btc on lightning now. When he wants to buy something with it he goes to @bitrefill, grabs a gift card, and makes the purchase insta…
Just noticed @bitrefill added Itunes, Myer, JB HiFi, David Jones and Coles gift cards for us Aussies. Can finally buy some Food with my #lightning wallet. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank Yo…
Будущее, ты ли это? В РФ никак не регулируются криптовалюты, но ребята из @bitrefill сделали возможным оплатить покупку в более чем 100 магазинов РФ, в их числе Связной, …
Used @bitrefill with @lightning to put money on my @orange Spanish payg mobile - so easy! Works a treat #BTC #LightningNetwork
I heard a happy user speak of @bitrefill and how they got their funds out of an exchange using LN (faster and cheaper fees) - was super impressed
@bitrefill amazing service thank you for going out of your way to make that situation correct. You'll continue to receive my future gift card purchases. A+++ if anyone ne…
Today I'm faced with (1) no food, (2) locked out of my bank with no friends to help me get cash out, (3) @RevolutApp card I picked up in Prague won't let me top up b/c I'…
Shoutout to @bitrefill for making life easier and easier for those who get paid in or live off their #bitcoin.
@bitrefill is one of the most useful services that supports lightning ⚡️and one of the most used on the marketplace! Try them out, and give them some love 💙
NERDGASM: Just created a US based PS4 account, bought a voucher on @bitrefill via lightning and it worked flawlessly!!!!! I paid 15 satoshi of fees. Unfairly cheap. Bough…
This is like a life saver for me. I can buy gifts for my parents in India with Bitcoin and have it delivered - all while bypassing the mayhem that is Indian card infrastr…
I was able to onboard my kids/nephews/nieces and get them using ⚡️ and @bitrefill. Ages 4th grade to 9th. They’ve been buying pizza, Xbox cards and iTunes cards. #bitcoin
Banking systems to top up mobile phones in Venezuela are not working due to outage, however people haven been able to top up their friend's and family's phones using @bit…
Using @bitrefill we are able to help thousands of Venezuelans
Living on Bitcoin on a daily basis is becoming easier and easier. Thanks to @bitrefill and @bluewalletio
Buying Movie Ticket Voucher in India using Bitcoin on @lightning Network in seconds. Do check out @bitrefill - They have lot of options for Indian users. This is so fast …
Just made my first lightning transaction to shop in Apple @iTunes using @bitrefill and @walletofsatoshi - getting there one step at a time. Thanks for sharing this compan…
Aww, @bitrefill offers vouchers from my most loved supermarket M&S - UK vouchers can be used in HK stores - I am sold! 😍 Might pay for next groceries w/ vouchers paid wi…
Tested out the Thor service at @bitrefill. Used Lightning to pay for an inbound Lightning channel with the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. Super easy to use. These guys are pio…
My love for bitcoin and this tech grows daily. Just the experience of buying phone credit and using lightning is so much fun and shits on the current banking system we ha…
Checked my recent recipes from groceries, restaurants & cafes. Average response time for @Visa card is 5 seconds, regardless of wireless/wired. Guess what that was for #L…
I just bought a refill for Glo Nigeria with Dogecoin. Thanks Bitrefill for the excellent service delivery.
Bitrefill is pretty amazing. You can use the LN network to buy an Amazon card essentially instantly and with no fee. I mean, like click a mouse button and a second later,…
@bitrefill One word, Wow! Your services are amazing and super fast, just refilled my account in airport as fast as thunder! highly satisfied ++++
Shout out to @bitrefill. I was gifted some bitcoin (again) and that was the fastest I've ever been able to change it to an amazon giftcard. Highly recommend.
Topping up my Malaysian SIM with #BTC worked like a charm thanks to @bitrefill. Always happy to be able to use crypto when traveling!
Just made my first @bitrefill top-up. It was cheaper than the fee I usually pay + I didn't have to move out of this chair. Niiceeeee. #bitcoin
@bitrefill Your service is flawless! I am able to pay my mobile bill using bitcoin + coinbase account. Great UX.
#FelizSabado Hoy te traemos un nuevo #tutorial con el que podrás aprender a utilizar @bitrefill y recargar tu saldo del móvil con #bitcoin, #DASH o #litecoin 💰📲👌👇
Used @bitrefill service today to add some bucks to my Steam account with #Litecoin and the process was seamless. Almost instantly had the code to insert into the #Steam w…
Gamers can use #Bitcoin on the Steam platform once again using @bitrefill; story via @bitcoinist.
Just tested Bitrefill - works seamlessly: via @bitrefill
You can now buy Steam vouchers with LTC! Thanks @bitrefill for supporting Litecoin!
Uno de los mejores servicios basados en #bitcoin, @bitrefill. Recargas al instante y servicio al cliente de primera. Altamente recomendado.

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