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Pizza Hut Gift Card
Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Gift Card

This gift card is only redeemable at the physical store

Pay on Pizza Hut with Crypto. Buy Pizza Hut Gift Cards with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash. Instant email delivery. No account required. Start living on crypto!

🇸🇻 This gift code may only work in El Salvador
  • Banquete Familiar Pizza 4 Americana

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  • CAD
  • INR
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin (sats)
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDC
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  • Dogecoin
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La principal seña de identidad y elemento diferenciador es la extraordinaria calidad de sus productos e ingredientes. Pizza Hut cuenta con una amplia variedad de pizzas, con la especialidad en Pan Pizza, Classic Pizza y Rolling Pizza, la única con el borde relleno de queso.
Esta tarjeta es canjeable por un Banquete Familiar Pizza 4 Americana. Lleva el código que recibiste en tu tarjeta regalo a la tienda más cercana. Ve a la caja registradora y muéstrale al cajero la tarjeta de regalo que recibiste e infórmale que tienes una tarjeta de regalo OKY. El cajero despachará tu producto o acreditará el importe correspondiente de tu tarjeta regalo a tu compra.

Las tarjetas de regalo sólo podrán ser canjeadas por mercancías, productos o servicios ofrecidos por la marca o establecimiento comercial indicado en el vale.

Las tarjetas de regalo no pueden ser canjeadas por dinero en efectivo. No son tarjetas de crédito o débito.

Las tarjetas de regalo deben ser utilizadas en su totalidad. No se realizarán devoluciones parciales si no se utilizan en su totalidad. En caso de que el valor del cupón exceda el valor de la compra canjeada, el uso o aplicación de dicho saldo en una transacción separada está sujeto a las políticas de la tienda.

Las tarjetas de regalo no se pueden recargar, no son reembolsables y no se aceptan devoluciones.

La validez de las tarjetas de regalo es de 6 meses después de la compra.

Terms and Conditions

Vouchers can only be exchanged for merchandise, products or services offered by the brand or commercial establishment indicated on the voucher.

The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. The voucher is not a credit or debit card.

The voucher must be used in its entirety. No partial refunds will be made if the voucher is not used in its entirety. In the event the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the redeemed purchase, the use or application of such balance in a separate transaction is subject to the store’s policies.

The voucher cannot be reloaded, is non-refundable and no returns are accepted.

The validity of the voucher is 6 months after purchase.

How gift cards work

Enter the amount

Select or type the amount you want the card to have.

Pay with your preferred coin

Your payment is confirmed the same minute in most cases.

That's it, ready to use it!

Redeem your card at your chosen retailer according to their instructions.

Frequently asked questions

Check out our Knowledge Base page for more FAQs

Pizza Hut does not accept crypto but Bitrefill provides a workaround by allowing you to purchase an Pizza Hut gift card with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. This gift card can then be used to make purchases at Pizza Hut.
You can easily convert your Bitcoins or crypto to a digital Pizza Hut gift card.
  1. Enter the amount you want the Pizza Hut gift card to have.
  2. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to use for payment, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash. Alternatively you can pay using Binance Pay.
  3. Once your payment is confirmed, you will get your Pizza Hut gift card code.
Once you have purchased an Pizza Hut gift card at Bitrefill, it will be emailed to you almost instantly. Or you can redeem the gift card directly from the checkout page.
Some great gift cards that people in El Salvador usually buy are Los Cebollines and Pollo Campero. You can find a lot more options by visiting the gift card section.
If you have a question that's not answered here, you can visit our help center and we'll be happy to assist you.