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-Gift Card eBay

Gift Card eBay

Valutazione: 4.7 - 32 recensioni

Questa gift card è solo riscattabile sulla piattaforma di e-commerce

Pay on Ebay with Crypto. Buy Ebay gift card with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash. Instant delivery by email. Ebay is the original online auction site that made shopping on the internet commonplace. Ebay lets you place bids on millions of new and used products, goods and services.

Questo codice regalo funziona su eBay nei seguenti paesi:🇺🇸USA e 🇵🇷Puerto Rico
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  • $10

  • $20

  • $50

  • $100

  • $150

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One Card. So Many Options. That’s exactly what eBay Gift Cards offer the recipient.

Whether its new, unique, or anything in-between, eBay has you covered for any gift, any occasion, every time!

Shop from billions of items in Electronics, Toys,Motors, Fashion, Home & Garden, Art, Collectibles, and many morecategories.Best yet, eBay Gift Cards never expire and haveno fees. Use it to shop now!
During Checkout on
  1. Enter the 13-digit redemption code, then click Apply.
  2. Review the payment details and click Confirm and Pay.

In-Store Mobile redemption instructions:
  • To redeem your eGift Card from a mobile device, display the barcode or gift card number and associated PIN (if applicable) to the cashier at the time of purchase.
Note: It can take up to 4 hours for your eBay Gift Card to be activated and ready to be redeemed.
Works without issue. Enter the code at checkout and it will apply to your order. Thanks again Bitrefill!
Fast and easy process. Just specify the amount, send the coins, and you'll have a gift card.
Miles Prowler
Miles Prowler2022-05-21
Got 110 USD Ebay gift card :D The process took a long time about 45 minutes but i got it :D BTC - to Ebay <3 Thanks :D
Thank you for allowing me to buy shoes
worked perfect
Work instantly after purchase on bitrefill on ebay. it worked without delay. would probably purchase again.
Worked great!
Worked great!2022-01-14
I was a tad concerned reading the few reviews about eBay freezing the card, but went for it and worked perfectly.
Got $35 of eBay GC and used it immediately and went thru without a snag! Recommend!
Worked instantly on my eBay account. Quick, simple, easy!
bitrefill is a 100% great business to deal with. ebay is not. they seem to randomly freeze gift cards as mentioned in some other reviews here. they will stonewall you for days or even weeks and leave you with little to no answers after jumping through hoops to provide all the information they want. bitrefill took care of me after ebay locked my giftcard.
  • Treat your eBay Gift Card like cash.
  • To use this Gift Card, you must have a U.S. registered eBay account, a PayPal account, and a U.S. shipping address.
  • Only redeemable for items listed on where PayPal is accepted.
  • After first use, the Gift Card is non-transferrable. Not refundable or redeemable for cash unless required by law.
  • This Gift Card never expires and there are no fees.
  • This card is subject to full terms and conditions.
  • Redemption limits apply: No more than a total of $1000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $1500 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of four Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).

To check balance, seek assistance, or read the full terms and conditions visit Discover millions of ways to redeem your Gift Card at:

Issued by eBay Gift Card Services, Inc., an Arizona corporation© 2022 eBay Inc.

To avoid scams DO NOT use as form of payment off is ONLY redeemable directly on

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eBay non accetta crypto ma Bitrefill fornisce una soluzione alternativa consentendoti di acquistare una gift card eBay con Bitcoin o un'altra criptovaluta. Questa gift card può quindi essere usata per fare acquisti su eBay.
Puoi convertire facilmente i tuoi Bitcoin o crypto in una gift card digitale eBay.
Una volta acquistato una gift card eBay su Bitrefill, ti verrà inviata via email quasi istantaneamente. Oppure puoi riscattare la gift card direttamente dalla pagina di checkout.
Alcune fantastiche gift card che le persone in USA comprano di solito sono, Prepaid Mastercard, Apple, Walmart e Instacart. Puoi trovare molte più opzioni visitando il sezione carte regalo.
Se hai una domanda a cui non hai avuto risposta qui, puoi visitare il nostro centro assistenza e saremo felici di aiutarti.