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The redeeming account is required to have a second payment method added (Credit cards/Bank accounts) and a verified USA address.

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Use your Gift Card towards Clothes, Food, Books, Electronics, Music, and more. The website is the place to find and discover almost anything you want to buy online at a great price.


Amazon's anti-fraud process locks cards and accounts if they suspect their terms are broken, the most common reason is being outside of the USA and/or using a VPN, but there are others like: reselling/dropshipping, adding a gift card on a brand new account with no other payment methods added, adding excessive amount of high denomination gift cards in a short time period, and others.

  • IMPORTANT. The redeeming account is required to have a second payment method added (Credit cards/Bank accounts) and a verified USA address.
  • After you receive your Amazon gift card code, you'll need to login to your Amazon account.
  • Click "Apply a Gift Card to Your Account."
  • Next, you'll need to enter your Amazon gift card code and click "Apply to your balance".
i had 100% doubt about the service and the experience. you guys are awesome, very Smooth experience , sold my USDT for Amazon gift Cards in matter of 3 mins. wish u guys allow usdt in other Networks beside ECR20 , Fees are high a bit.
I love this so much!2021-03-01
I've become addicted to this...haha, can't stop spending my btc now xD
J. James2021-02-25
this whole site rocks -other day I used a different card ... this was in store lol was at target walked to get cellphone - used this app, got a card on my phone, simple scan your good but the balance is where it rocks!
Went through fast and worked exactly as a gift card.
Dizzy aka J.James2021-02-23
easy as pie - abc ... 123 #awesome
Ordered two Amazon gift cards. I tried a smaller amount first, and the order went through in a couple of minutes. Then I placed a larger sized gift card order, it arrived a minute later. Legit service and fast delivery. Will continue using them in the future!
Another successful purchase!
Frank Dees2021-02-05
I was worried it was a scam, so I tried just $35 dollars. But it worked! took about a minute and I had the gift card code! anyone with questions hit me up on twitter @frankdees9
Excelent services
Transaction process was smooth, I got my card with the exact amount I ordered and the card worked.
Amazon strictly enforces their gift card Terms & Conditions. The redeeming account is required to have a second payment method added (Credit cards/Bank accounts) and a verified USA address. Otherwise, Amazon may flag your account and lock your Amazon balance. Bitrefill has limited ability to assist when Amazon flags an account and is unable to request or provide refunds in these situations.

Amazon Balance and Amazon Gift Card Terms and Conditions
Amazon Gift Card Restrictions and Prohibited Activities

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