Tutorial: How to purchase from Bitrefill without an account

In this tutorial we will learn how to quickly and easily purchase gift cards or mobile refills instantly with Lightning Network. It only…

In this tutorial we will learn how to quickly and easily purchase gift cards or mobile refills instantly with Bitcoin. It only takes a few moments, and the only thing you need is a valid email address, so let’s get started.

TLDR, video version

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a purchase without creating an account. It’s super easy, just click the big green get started button.

This is the Bitrefill catalog, you can click on individual gift cards, shop by country or shop with one of our product categories. Today I’ll be buying a Playstation store gift card.

This is the Playstation product page, it shows you the price, you can choose your cryptocurrency, can add to cart, or purchase as a gift.

If you decide to purchase as a gift, add the recipient’s name and email, choose instant or scheduled delivery, add your name and a message to send your best wishes, then you can choose a theme for the delivery email, and choose add to cart.

Today we won’t be purchasing as a gift but we will be selecting the lightning discount since we’ll be paying with Lightning.

We are going to add to our cart, and then you can choose if you want to keep shopping for other gift cards, or checkout now. We’ll be checking out.

This is the contact info page, we just need an email to send you your voucher and it also shows your order details. I am going to enter my email, subscribe to the Bitrefill newsletter, and then I’ll choose to continue.

On the payment method page you can choose Bitcoin, Lightning Network, or one of the popular altcoins which we also accept. I will be choosing Lightning so I can pay instantly and get my Lightning discount.

That should bring up a Lightning invoice which you can then pay, I’ll be using my joule wallet. If I move this guy out of the way, you’ll see my order details. I am going to confirm my payment, and enter my password.

If you’re using Bitcoin for an onchain payment, or an altcoin, the process is almost identical, simply use the QR code to make a payment from your wallet.

You’ll see my payment has been detected, and just a few seconds, my order is complete. I can now choose to redeem my gift card or answer the customer survey and help us make Bitrefill better.

To redeem now, simply click claim your purchase, and you’ll be taken to the vendor’s redemption page which gives you your code and the vendor’s redemption instructions.

That’s it we’re finished. Purchasing without an account from Bitrefill is simple, secure, and only takes a few moments.

If you found this tutorial helpful, or would like to see us create similar helpful content, let us know on Twitter, or drop by our Telegram chat and say hi.

You can also see more video tutorials, interviews with Bitrefill team members, technical talks, and Bitcoin conference presentations on our Youtube channel.

Thanks for using Bitrefill!

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