Bitrefill Is Excited to Announce its Partnership with Noah

Bitrefill is pleased to announce the beginning of our partnership with Noah, a highly anticipated turnkey app solution to instantly send, receive, buy, and sell bitcoin all in one place.

Bitrefill and NOAH Join Forces to Advance Bitcoin Adoption

Bitrefill, a leader in cryptocurrency services, is thrilled to announce its partnership with NOAH, a comprehensive app solution for buying, selling, receiving, and sending bitcoin. The partnership represents a convergence of two companies with a shared vision of making crypto accessible and usable for everyone.

NOAH Integrates Bitrefill's Innovative Widget

As part of this partnership, NOAH has integrated Bitrefill's user-friendly widget into its app, providing users with the ability to live on bitcoin anywhere, at any time. This integration marks a significant step forward in realizing the companies' shared vision of making crypto easy to use for everyone.

A Shared Vision of Bitcoin's Future

Bitrefill and NOAH share a passionate belief in the potential of bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom. They are committed to bringing this potential to life through innovative products and services. The partnership between these two forward-thinking companies is a testament to their shared mission of using technology to bring about positive change.

Discover the Mind Behind NOAH

To gain a deeper understanding of NOAH and its mission, check out Bitrefill's interview with Shah Ramezani, NOAH's founder. The interview delves into Shah's financial career, the biblical analogy between NOAH, the Ark, NOAH's progressive web application, the gamification of bitcoin companies, and stablecoins' potential to bring more financial freedom to the world.

NOAH Launches Out of Beta

NOAH is expected to launch out of beta in the coming weeks, after spending time building a strong beta test community of a few thousand people known as Arkonauts. Bitrefill users have been given special access to test NOAH ahead of the official launch. JOIN THE BETA HERE.

The Bitrefill Stone Challenge: An Opportunity for Arkonauts

To start the partnership on a high note, Bitrefill and NOAH have launched the Bitrefill Stone Challenge. NOAH users can access Bitrefill directly from the NOAH app, and by purchasing a gift card on Bitrefill through NOAH's integration, they can add the Bitrefill Stone to their collection and win 500 points. The challenge also makes participants eligible to join Bitrefill's giveaway on NOAH's Discord on February 22, where three lucky Arkonauts will win 200,000 sats.

More to Come from Bitrefill and NOAH

This partnership is just the beginning of the exciting joint promotions and perks for both NOAH and Bitrefill's users. Stay tuned for more innovative developments as Bitrefill and NOAH continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cryptocurrency.

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