Pay Bills with Bitcoin in El Salvador via Bitrefill

A cornerstone of abandoning fiat and living on crypto is paying your monthly expenses, like rent, power, water, internet, phone (mobile & landline), and cable. Bitrefill is extremely happy to announce our bill pay service for Bitcoiners in El Salvador. Pay all your bills with Bitcoin or crypto!

Living on Bitcoin in El Salvador begins with monthly expenses

Pay the following bills with Bitcoin & crypto in El Salvador

Bitrefill is proud to announce bill pay in El Salvador! Now, you can easily pay your monthly expenses like electricity, water, mobile & landline phone, TV, internet, and rent via Bitrefill.

You can now pay all your expenses with Bitcoin. The future has arrived with Bitrefill. We are also very proud to be able to offer this service, thanks to our collaboration with PuntoXpress.

A Salvadoran living abroad can use Cash app, or Strike & Bitrefill bill pay, and pay the electric bill for a relative in El Salvador with Lightning Network, instantly and with sub-penny fees. This is huge, in a nation where remittances make up more than 20% of total GDP.

This is our initial offering, but we are working to add more than 100 additional bill pay options in the very short term. With Bitrefill, you’ll be able to easily pay all your bills with Bitcoin & crypto, no matter what they might be.

We are proud to announce that El Salvador will truly be the first place in the world where you can live solely off of Bitcoin. The future has arrived, with Bitrefill.

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In addition to our bill pay service, we have an ever growing selection of gift cards and mobile refills available in El Salvador which make living on crypto incredibly easy and lightning fast. All of our gift cards and mobile refills can be purchased with Bitcoin & crypto, and are delivered instantly.

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Bitrefill is the world’s largest crypto store with 4000+ giftcards and mobile refills available in 170 nations. We make it easy to live on crypto. Visit our website, or shop from our app, on iOS & Android.

Thank you for using Bitrefill.

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