Furnishing an entire house using Bitcoin

Lawrence Ray had a chance to sit down with Bitrefill’s Customer Ambassador for Australia, Chris Pavlesic, as he detailed his recent experience of furnishing an entire house using Bitcoin.

Is it possible to furnish a home only with Bitcoin in Australia?

In this recent interview, Bitrefill’s To the Moon podcast host Lawrence Ray, caught up with long time member of the Australia crypto community, Chris Pavlesic.

Chris just recently moved back to his hometown of Sydney, Australia, into an empty home, and described his experiences getting all his furniture, bedding & bathware, kitchenware, and other household items, mainly using Bitcoin.

Whilst he didn’t buy everything using Bitcoin, he acknowledges that he likely could have and that when buying with crypto, not only is it easier for him with most of his wealth stored in Bitcoin, but additionally there is an added level of privacy you receive when using Bitrefill which isn’t afforded when using fiat services.

Check out the interview

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