Bitrefill Wish Lists are here: Share yours today

We’ve had lots of requests for a wish list feature which lets you save your favorite gift cards on a shareable list. Wish lists are great…

We’ve had lots of requests for a wish list feature which lets you save your favorite gift cards on a shareable list. Wish lists are great for easy access of your favorite cards, or for someone else to pay for it.

The best place to buy gift cards just got better

Bitrefill has a new shareable wishlist feature available for every Bitrefill account holder. They are handy for remittances, donations, your next gift-giving occasion -birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings- or even receiving payments for freelance work.

Wishlists are the perfect way to give inspiration to friends and family for the next celebration, ensuring that every gift will be specifically tailored to the interests, hobbies, and individual tastes of the recipient. They make it easy to give the perfect gifts, as you narrow down to the brands while the giftee has the final choice when redeeming the card

Say goodbye to standing in line to get that controversial sweater. Stop worrying about wether they’ll love the next gift you give. Wishlists&Gift Cards take the guesswork out of giving great gifts to family and friends.

Hyperbitcoinize the gig economy

Wishlists are also a very underrated but incredibly versatile tool for freelancers, those in the gig economy, the ones living on crypto, and others receiving funds from clients, friends, or family abroad. You can simply share your wishlist's link and receive value in actual goods and services that you actually use, where you actually live.

Imagine getting paid from an online client in groceries with an instantly redeemable Bitrefill voucher from your local neighborhood supermarket. It’s instant, cheap, transparent, and with way less fees than traditional means, which could require international transfers, taxes, and currency exchange surcharges. They will also want a lot of sensitive personal information.

In contrast, with a Bitrefill wishlist you just share your list, and the person sending a payment purchases your items as a gift, and you can redeem the code in minutes.
No more long multi-day waits and paying the high fees that are so common with traditional international payment methods. Additionally, getting paid this way is better for privacy and security as an added bonus.

How can I get started?

The only thing you need to take advantage of Bitrefill’s new wishlist feature is a Bitrefill account.

It only takes an email address and less than 1 minute of your time to sign up for an account.

Once you have an account, you’ll also get access to all the other perks like 1%-6% Sats back on every purchase with Bitrefill Rewards, USD & EUR prepaid top-ups, Bitrefill Balance Cards, instant purchases without fees, and more.

Sign up for a Bitrefill account today and start living on crypto.

If you found this post helpful, or have any feedback, let us know on Twitter, in our Telegram chat, or in our subReddit, r/Bitrefill. Thanks for using Bitrefill!

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