Bitrefill & Breez Lightning Wallet Integration Allows Instant Shopping

Bitrefill is excited to announce our integration Breez wallet, a newly launched Lighting wallet that utilizes Neutrino technology.

Bitrefill is excited to announce our integration Breez wallet, a newly launched Lighting wallet that utilizes Neutrino technology.

Users can easily buy gift cards & refills directly from their Lightning wallet, for the first time ever!

Currently in open beta, Breez, a much-anticipated non-custodial Bitcoin payment platform, allows users to transfer and receive Bitcoin within seconds, safely over the Lightning Network.

Download the open beta on Android now »

It’s Non-Custodial

Breez combines the ease of a custodial service with the user autonomy of a non-custodial one. Breez runs on the Lightning Network, but requires zero configuration for the user. Breez’s hub opens and funds a payment channel automatically, letting users start transferring and receiving payments from any entity on the Lightning Network as easily as they would send a text message. If you can download the mobile client from the Play store, you can understand how to use it.

Fast and Easy

The Breez mobile client is a Neutrino-based light node. It lets users transfer funds in any denomination and receive payments. Mobile messaging is also used to keep the client synced to the blockchain in the background. This gives users the speed and economy of Lightning Network transfers, the security of blockchain, and the convenience of automatic, invisible maintenance.

Constantly Improving

Breez uses technology to stay on top of new developments and to dissolve the barriers between different solutions. Breez offers merchants a number of innovations to help ease their way into the Bitcoin economy, such as the Breez card and a point-of-sale (PoS) app.

Getting Started

The open beta of the Breez mobile client runs on any 64-bit Android mobile device, and it’s available from the Google Play store. Download it today!

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