Best places to live on crypto — Germany

Germany is a technology hotspot in the heart of Europe, that has many appealing qualities for those living on crypto.

Germany is a technology hotspot in the heart of Europe, that has many appealing qualities for those living on crypto.

Germany is Bitcoin Paradise

Germany is a beautiful country with an extremely high standard of living, and lots of opportunities to spend crypto. Germany also has lots of startups and possibilities for those looking for a career in the industry, and has a Bitcoiner-friendly tax structure and regulatory policies as well.

First of all, Germany is one of the countries which always appears in articles listing the best countries for Bitcoin taxes. Simply put, Germany doesn’t tax gains on cryptocurrency holdings which have been held for over a year. HODL your coins for 12 months and your gains become tax free. Germany also excludes token transactions from VAT. It’s a beautiful thing.

Germany is also an advanced and highly technical society, which means there are lots of development jobs, cryptocurrency and blockchain startups, fast web connections, and remote work opportunities. Germany has a vibrant crypto community, established hacker and maker communities and a lot of general innovation in the tech sector.

Germany has more than 180 blockchain startups, crypto companies, and existing industries and firms looking to integrate blockchain into their infrastructure. This means there are tons of opportunities to get involved, get paid in crypto, and work on some potentially world changing Bitcoin or blockchain projects.

German banks also have expressed an interest in cryptocurrency and have not shown the same hostility towards cryptocurrency, blockchain, and new startups perceived as a threat, as is common in other jurisdictions. Over 40 German banks also offer cryptocurrency custody solutions, crypto-related services, and direct sales of Bitcoin and other coins, to customers.

Many German businesses already accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for goods and services, including Germany’s Tourism board. There are also currently 49Bitcoin ATMs scattered around Germany, with at least one in every large or midsize city.

When it comes to spending without converting to euros, Bitrefill’s catalog for Germany has a huge selection of gift cards and mobile refills, which allow you to buy almost anything with Bitcoin. Even if the business doesn’t accept crypto directly, with Bitrefill, you can still use Bitcoin (or an altcoin!) to make the purchases of all the essential products you need.

There are over 75 options for everything from groceries, retail shops (brick & mortar and online), ecommerce, travel, entertainment, delivery, takeout, and dine-in restaurant options, transport, fashion, health and beauty, and much more. You can literally buy almost anything with crypto.

The best part is that you can earn 1%-10% Sats back on every purchase with a Bitrefill account, and all it takes is an email to sign up. You’ll also benefit from all the other perks like prepaid USD & EUR Bitrefill account balances, Bitrefill Balance cards, wish lists, instant payments with no fees, and much more.

Germany truly is the Bitcoiner’s top destination in Western Europe.

Bitrefill gift cards available in Germany

And many more here.

If you have a suggestion, let us know on Twitter or in our subReddit r/Bitrefill. Thank you for using Bitrefill!

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