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-Mr D Foods Gift Card

Mr D Foods Gift Card

Rating: 5 - 6 reviews

Pay on Mr D Foods with Crypto. Buy Mr D Foods Gift Cards with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash. Instant email delivery. No account required. Start living on crypto!

🇿🇦 This gift code may only work in South Africa
  • 50 ZAR

  • 100 ZAR

  • 150 ZAR

  • 200 ZAR

  • 250 ZAR

  • 500 ZAR

  • 1000 ZAR

  • USD
  • Euro
  • GBP
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  • Bitcoin (BTC)
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  • USDC
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100% Secure Transaction
100% Secure Transaction
  • Instant, Private, Safe

  • Email Delivery

Get the joy of food, delivered.

More choice. Less hassle. 7000 restaurants delivered.

Unfortunately not available for PnP purchases via Mr D due to technical issues between Mr D and PnP. Hoping for resolution of this soon, you can still purchase PnP in-store with Bitrefill here

This is a wiCode gift card, also known as a Mobile Code, which can be used on Mr Delivery when completing payment for your purchase

You need to choose to pay with wicode once you have reached the payment section of the app. If the wiCode is only used as part payment, you will be prompted to choose another payment method for the outstanding balance.

Absolutely awesome!!! First time trying it out and already hooked
Some guy online
Some guy online2022-03-20
Code worked exactly as expected via the Mr D app at checkout
Incognito 2022-02-13
Giving this one a 5 star, as it works perfectly.
Bought some mcdonalds thnx
Some Guy
Some Guy2021-07-28
WiCode worked perfectly at checkout, got my code almost immediately.
Vanessa 2023-08-07
wiCode (corporate vouchers):
* You may select to use a wiCode voucher as a method of payment.
* wiCode vouchers are run via the wiCode platform, are not owned or controlled by Mr D Food, and for which you acknowledge Mr D Food is not responsible in law.
* Only wiCode vouchers where Mr D Food has been set up as the Merchant of the wiCode campaign, as determined by wiCode or the issuer of the voucher can be used on the Mr D Food platforms as a method of payment.
* wiCode vouchers are not transferable and may not be exchanged or refunded for cash.
* Should your wiCode voucher be lost or stolen, neither Mr D Food nor its agents will be liable.
* Mr D Food or its agents will not be held responsible for any cellular network or internet service operator delay in the use of the wiCode vouchers.
* Should your order value be higher than your wiCode voucher value, then you will be asked to top up using any of the other available payment methods indicated
* If your order value is less than your wiCode voucher value, then the treatment of the balance of the wiCode voucher will be determined according to the terms and conditions of that wiCode coupon, as determined by wiCode or the issuer of the voucher.
* Should you have difficulty using your wiCode voucher, you will need to contact wiCode or the issuer of the wiCode voucher directly.
* Please refer to their FAQ for more details on this payment option.
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How gift cards work

Enter the amount

Select or type the amount you want the card to have.

Pay with your preferred coin

Your payment is confirmed the same minute in most cases.

That's it, ready to use it!

Redeem your card at your chosen retailer according to their instructions.

Frequently asked questions

Check out our Knowledge Base page for more FAQs

Mr D Foods does not accept crypto but Bitrefill provides a workaround by allowing you to purchase an Mr D Foods gift card with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. This gift card can then be used to make purchases at Mr D Foods.
You can easily convert your Bitcoins or crypto to a digital Mr D Foods gift card.
Once you have purchased an Mr D Foods gift card at Bitrefill, it will be emailed to you almost instantly. Or you can redeem the gift card directly from the checkout page.
Some great gift cards that people in South Africa usually buy are Woolworths, Debonairs, Steers, vida e caffè and Burger King. You can find a lot more options by visiting the gift card section.
If you have a question that's not answered here, you can visit our help center and we'll be happy to assist you.