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Refill your Lightning channel or pay any invoice

Bitrefill now allows any user or platform to refill a channel with BTC or pay any Lightning invoice through our node. As a user, if you encounter a Lighting invoice or service you want to spend on, but don’t currently have a channel, a route, or enough BTC on Lightning, simply head to our Recharge page and buy what you need!

Businesses and web platforms can add Lighting capabilities

Using our new Thor API, you can integrate Bitrefill’s full suite of Thor services to give your users an awesome Lightning experience. This new API includes Thor channels with custom capacity, Thor Turbo channels for instantly spendable BTC without waiting for on-chain confirmations, and Recharge for delivery of BTC to any endpoint on the network.

How does it work?

Simply enter the amount of satoshis you need to pay then complete your checkout process with Bitrefill. Once that is complete, you can paste in the invoice data and we will instantly send that amount of BTC over Lightning to that channel for payment.

Are there fees?

Included in the checkout pricing is a fixed fee for accommodating your payment and allocating our off-chain BTC resources for you. We do our best to keep fees modest and will regularly assess whether they need to be adjusted.