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Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the Website before proceeding. The “Refer a Friend” campaign aims at expanding Bitrefill Customer network through the referral of friends.

By requesting a unique referral code, you acknowledge and consent with the following:

(i) Bitrefill will process any personal data submitted by you according to our Global Privacy Policy. Please ensure that you have obtained the consent of your friends before introducing their personal data for referral purposes.

(ii) Bitrefill reserves the right to remove eligibility from any Customer for any reason at any time. You cannot use multiple accounts owned by you for the purpose of obtaining the Refer a Friend reward. Any attempt to misuse this program will result in exclusion from the ability to participate and removal of any bonuses from the accounts involved.

(iii) Bitrefill is not responsible for misallocation of rewards, expiration or deletion of local browser cookies, or any failure to associate referred customers with your account. The allocation of rewards is not automatic and is conditioned upon prior review of compliance with these terms.

(iv) Bitrefill may choose to extend or expire this program or change the terms at any time.

(v) This is not an affiliate program meant for re-marketing by professionals or inclusion in external content or websites. If you are interested in becoming a professional affiliate please contact us directly.

(vi) You do not have permission to represent Bitrefill, its brand, or its products or partners while participating in this program.

(vii) Spamming, hidden iframes, and public posting of your referral code is forbidden. If you are not sure whether your behavior falls within our terms, assume it does not and contact us for clarification.

(viii) Some products do not count toward earning referral bonuses, including FastBitcoins, Crypto Vouchers, and Thor products (Turbo, Recharge). We may change eligibility of a product or user at any time.