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GO BORDERLESS WITH ESIMSGlobal adventures made easy - Pay with crypto and stay connected while traveling!
  • From 1GB to Unlimited data
  • Keep your physical SIM active
  • No unexpected roaming charges


Enjoy internet access in over 160 countries around the world.

How it works

Get started with eSIMs

Make sure your phone is compatible. Once you've verified this, simply look for your travel destination and purchase the data plan.

Pay with your preferred coin and wallet

Pay with Bitcoin (on-chain and Lightning), Ethereum, Binance Pay, Tether, Litecoin and more.

Install the eSIM and activate your plan

Go through the instructions to complete the installation process and activate your eSIM. Now you can enjoy browsing the web. It's just that easy!

Installation Guide

Frequently asked questions

Check out our Knowledge Base page for more FAQs

eSIMs are compatible with many devices but not all devices. To check if you can use eSIMs on your device, please have a look at our
To install the eSIM, a stable internet connection is necessary. You can install your eSIM with QR Code or manually. You can download our installation guide here. Consider setting up the eSIM before traveling abroad.
Some devices allow you to install multiple eSIMs, the number of active eSIMs at the same time can vary depending on the device model. You can continue using your regular SIM card while using an eSIM.
At this time, Bitrefill eSIMS do not come with a phone number and are a Data-only plan. You can keep your personal number for WhatsApp and similar apps that use a data connection.
You’ll find that our eSIM expires at different times. We recommend that you choose the plan that corresponds best to your needs. You will receive a reminder via email and text prior to expiration.
You can check your data usage on your order page. We will keep you updated about your data plan usage via email and text.
You can share your eSIMs data with multiple devices by creating a personal hotspot. On iOS, you can do this under the “Personal Hotspot” menu and on Android, you can do this under the “Wi-fi hotspot” settings.