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-Blossom Gift Card

Blossom Gift Card

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"Blossom Hellenic Superfoods" was an idea, a vision that came true.

We collect the fruits of Aronia at the right time, we process them with the most suitable and best methods with machines of the latest technological generation, then we pack our final products in certified wholesale packages. Finally, we promote and market our products in Greece and abroad.

Knowing Aronia! Aronia, in the international scale of medicinal plants, holds the first place.

Aronia fruits are rich in natural antioxidants, flavonoids, tannins, organic acids and digestible sugars. It also contains pectins that facilitate the functioning of the digestive system, many vitamins (such as provitamin A, B2, B6, B9, C, E), trace elements (boron, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, calcium , magnesium, radio, iron).

It is one of the richest sources of bioactive compounds, presenting high biological and nutritional value. In particular, it is an excellent source of vitamins, β-carotenes, fiber, minerals, sugars and organic acids. Also, its fruits show high concentrations of polyphenolic compounds. It is also known that the high concentration of all of the above is rare in other edible fruits.

Finally, aronia helps in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and urological diseases, cancer as well as in the enhancement of memory.

Avail voucher at Blossom store.
To use your card, simply go to any blossom Store within EGYPT and show this email on your screen or a print copy at the cashier
Only redeemable at  blossom stores in EGYPT (Store locations:
Valid for 12 months from date of issuance
Cannot be returned or refunded and cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged
If misplaced blossom  and MyList cannot block/cancel the card, and will not be responsible for any transactions on lost/stolen card.
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Frequently asked questions

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Blossom does not accept crypto but Bitrefill provides a workaround by allowing you to purchase an Blossom gift card with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. This gift card can then be used to make purchases at Blossom.
You can easily convert your Bitcoins or crypto to a digital Blossom gift card.
Once you have purchased an Blossom gift card at Bitrefill, it will be emailed to you almost instantly. Or you can redeem the gift card directly from the checkout page.
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