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Based in the Philippines, The Moment Group is a collective of some of Manila’s leading restaurant concepts such as 8Cuts Burgers, Manam Comfort Filipino, Ooma, Mecha Uma, Bank Bar, The Mess Hall, and TMG Test Kitchen. Having grown up around good food and restaurants their whole lives, restaurateurs Abba Napa, Eliza Antonino and Jon Syjuco have developed a keen understanding of the constantly evolving Philippine market and sound business sense. Apart from owning and operating some of the country’s tastiest and most popular homegrown concepts, the group has partnered with formidable names in the dining scene: rising star chef Bruce Ricketts for the chef’s table Mecha Uma; esteemed Cebu Chef-Restaurateur Jason Hyatt for Phat Pho Manila and the globally well-loved Din Tai Fung. Since its inception in 2012, and with over 25 years of combined restaurant creation and ownership, The Moment Group has established a vast network across the Philippines and Asia, gaining continuous access to the best commercial real estate in the country, extensive cross-industry credibility, strong government and media affiliations as well as solid financial backing and resources. Delivering notable dining experiences, The Moment Group crafts restaurants and establishments that are dedicated to creating a good time for everyone, every single time.

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