My Bitrefill Story Contest

Submit a true short story of a time when Bitrefill saved you, by purchasing something for you or someone else. Best Story gets a $100…

Submit a true story of a time when Bitrefill saved you, by purchasing something for you or someone else. Best Story gets a $100 Balance Card

Announcing Bitrefill’s short story contest

From the bitcoinization trenches, at Bitrefill we have heard amazing stories involving the way people use our products and services. We have a global community of cryptonauts that routinely use our platform, often in creative and extremely innovative ways to do things you could not do otherwise.

Our customers do this because sometimes Bitrefill is cheaper, more private, or more convenient. Also, sometimes Bitrefill is the only way possible to gain access to an international product, or service. Other times, Bitrefill may be the only way to make something happen on the ground for someone who’s thousands of miles away.

In some places, financial inclusion and access to the wider global economy are extremely restricted or unreliable due to circumstances outside of our user’s control. In others, using Bitcoin and Bitrefill offers lucrative arbitrage opportunities.

In all of these fringe Bitcoin use cases there is a human being at the center of it all, often with a very interesting story from a unique life perspective and experience.

We want to hear your story.

How have you used Bitrefill and Bitcoin to buy something for you, a loved one or friend, or even to help a complete stranger?

Bitrefill’s short story contest invites you to let us know the most interesting ways people can use Bitrefill to meet their needs.

The Rules

  1. Submit your most interesting short story account of how you’ve personally used Bitrefill & Crypto to purchase something for you or somebody else.
  2. It can be as short as a tweet, or as long as 500 words.
  3. Submissions must be linked or tweeted in our contest announcement Twitter thread (follow-like-retweet)
  4. We can ask for proof of the order related to the story.
  5. Bitrefill employees are not eligible to participate.
  6. The deadline for submissions will be Monday October 26th, the day Bitrefill turns 6 years old!
  7. The winner of the 100 USD Balance Card will be announced on Tuesday October 27st.
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