Airbnb (US) gift cards are 10% off when you pay with crypto at Bitrefill

For a limited time only, save on vacations when you travel on crypto with any Airbnb (US) gift card from Bitrefill. Airbnb offers…

For a limited time only, save on vacations when you travel on crypto with any Airbnb (US) gift card from Bitrefill. Airbnb offers one-of-a-kind stays and unique experiences, and now when you pay with crypto, you’ll get 10% off and earn Sats back.

Save on your dream vacation with an Airbnb gift card from Bitrefill

Airbnb is one of the most popular online marketplaces for lodging and accommodations in some of the most unique and amazing places around the planet. For a limited time only, when you book your next Airbnb listing with crypto from Bitrefill, you’ll automatically save 10% off, while also earning 1% Sats back on every purchase.

Airbnb gift cards will be 10% off from September 15, 2021 — October 15th, 2021, while supplies last.

Get your Airbnb gift card here, and save!

Airbnb offers guests an alternative to the traditional and routine travel experience of staying in a hotel. Airbnb allows travelers the opportunity to experience the world in a more authentic, connected way, by providing one of a kind lodging experiences.

With an Airbnb gift card from Bitrefill, you can pay instantly with Lightning Network or with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and USDt. Or, you can also pay with a Debit/Credit card via Wyre. Travel on crypto has never been so quick and easy!

Ordering an Airbnb gift card with crypto has never been easier

With an Airbnb (US) gift card from Bitrefill, paying for lodging without banks has never been more convenient:

  1. Choose our Airbnb gift card and select the amount.
  2. Add to cart, proceed to checkout, pay with your favorite crypto.
  3. Receive your code in moments, and redeem your voucher here.
  4. Once you’ve redeemed the code, you simply choose your preferred accommodations and make your reservation.
  5. Airbnb gift cards never expire, so take advantage of the great savings and book your next trip now.

If you have any doubts, let us know on Twitter. As always, thank you for using Bitrefill!

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