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-EM BÉ EASY Gift Card

EM BÉ EASY Gift Card

Pay on EM BÉ EASY with Crypto. Buy EM BÉ EASY Gift Cards with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash. Instant email delivery. No account required. Start living on crypto!

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100% Secure Transaction
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Combo includes 2 courses below:

1. Course 01: Topics on Children's Temperament
Through this course, parents will:
Approaching a new concept that is very important in the development, behavior and personality formation as an adult
Understand and explain behaviors that you have previously and now thought were incomprehensible or judged as problematic or aggressive
Have a positive attitude that matches the child's temperamental responses
Understand the importance of understanding your child's temperament as well as your own, thereby promoting your child's strengths and improving those that need to be overcome.
Avoid framing your child with negative qualities and improve the way you and those around you interact with your child
Help the mother find a way to establish discipline that suits her child's temperament
Help mothers understand and master the principles of positive discipline to apply appropriately and effectively.

For more information about the course:

2. Course 02: Bonus - Punishment - Consequences

Understand the causes, concepts and application of the Reward – “Punishment” Principle – Soul of the Positive Discipline method
Understand the essence and distinguish two very confusing concepts: Punishment and Negative Consequence.
Be aware of the importance of family rules
Understand, master, and be flexible when applying reward and consequence steps appropriate to age, situation, and family circumstances

  • eGift can be used directly at Fanpage and send E-voucher code to be applied. Please see product information on the Website:
  • Course 01: Topic on Children's Temperament:
  • Course 02: Thematic Reward - Punishment - Consequences:
  • You can only use 01 eGift on 01 invoice.
  • eGift is applied in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Selling price includes VAT. UrBox issues VAT invoice for UrBox's E-voucher service
  • Customers who need to issue invoices should contact hotline 1900 299 232 | for support. Note:
  • Time to receive information for processing: 24 hours from the date the customer changes the E-voucher
  • Time to pay VAT invoice: 15 working days from the date of receiving information
  • Exported eGift will not be returned in any way
  • eGift is valid for one-time use only. Do not accept eGift beyond expiry date, status "Used"
  • Please present the eGift code to the staff at the counter before paying to apply the eGift
  • eGift is non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash. Customers may be asked to pay extra if they use more than the eGift value.
  • Customers are responsible for keeping eGift information confidential after placing an order. UrBox will not be responsible for returning eGifts that are lost or in "Used" status after the time the eGift is exported for any reason.
  • UrBox is not responsible for the quality of the products or services provided and for any subsequent disputes between the customer and Baby Easy.
  • UrBox reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Please contact UrBox Hotline: 1900 299 232 (From 8 am to 10 pm daily, including New Year holidays) for support.
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EM BÉ EASY does not accept crypto but Bitrefill provides a workaround by allowing you to purchase an EM BÉ EASY gift card with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. This gift card can then be used to make purchases at EM BÉ EASY.
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