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What people are saying about Bitrefill on Twitter
Bought a mic, with #bitcoin, funded by people from across the planet. Try doing that with fiat. Thanks to those who sent value and thanks to @bitrefill
I bought vouchers off @bitrefill using Bitcoin. But will use this so long. I still have an account with them.
En la app de @Ditobanx ya incorporaron @bitrefill aparte que te dan una Tarjeta 💳 mastercard también, para los que no quieren una cuenta de banco con procesos engorrosos…
@CheapAir and @bitrefill take Bitcoin, they'll be useful here. Bitrefill also has hotels dot com vouchers that you can use for hotel stays.
joder tio, es el OG de los métodos para utilizar crypto "en el mundo real" que hubo desde el principio de los tiempos.No hay más confiable que este.
Every day, I use my sats to buy a gift card on @bitrefill and use that gift I realize how awesome it is to be a bitcoiner and how the fiat system is so broken. Use sats, …
Se ha caído la red nacional Redsys mientras hacía la cola para comer en @IKEASpain sin tener nada de efectivo, he podido comprar una tarjeta regalo con @bitrefill y @Phoe…
How @Memeland and @bitrefill made my wife happier 😉🤑 Thread 👇 ✅REFERRAL: 2nwttv9v (5$ in bitcoin with my code after 50$ purchase in the site)
One of the most common objections I get is "but I can't buy anything with it" Have a look around @bitrefill .... and find me something you CAN'T buy with it #Bitcoin #Har…
Las tarjetas de regalo de @bitrefill son una buena opción para no utilizar tu tarjeta de débito en suscripciones y también para proteger tus datos. Más allá de su utilida…
$15.76 Power Bill ⚡️ with #bitcoin lightning. ~ Cooler weather savings? ~ Bukele hydro energy savings? Not sure, but did it with @bitrefill without leaving home and no fi…
My 13 yo daughter puts a % of her BTC savings in @MutinyWallet for spending sats at the local cafe & buying Overwatch/other game $ via @CoinCards / @bitrefill. (She was u…
Bitrefill Kart ile sürtünmesiz ödemelerin dünyasını keşfedin. Bugün bekleme listesine kaydolun.
@bitrefill me ha sido imprescindible!🙏 Aclaro que esto no es una promoción pagada 😒 es un post de agradecimiento y para que las personas que me siguen conozcan esta opc…
My Uber payments were recently declined for obvious reasons, but thanks to @bitrefill I am now using #Bitcoin to pay for my trips.😊
@bitrefill eSims kept me communicated with the world during this travel. -Really easy to install -Available in more than 30 countries of Europe + 160 in the world -No int…
Yes brother, the @bitrefill card is coming, I will test the Beta version and I will let you know!
Enseñando a hacer recargas de celulares con #bitcoin usando @bitrefill en el diplomado de @MyfirstBitcoin_ en Mendoza 🇦🇷
Last summer I lost my credit card, so I asked my bank for a new one, but it took almost a month to receive it. Without a credit card, my only solution for shopping was to…
Du benötigst kein Euro wenn du in der Bitcoin Kreislaufwirtschaft bist. Du kannst bereits sehr viel mit #Bitcoin bezahlen. Sogar bei Rewe einkaufen über Gutscheine von @…
Need to spend your #bitcoin KYC free. @bitrefill has you sorted 🚀 been using them for years great customer service as well🤙
Waar kan je zoal betalen met #Bitcoin? Een aantal tips: 1. Op @btcmap vind je alle handelaars in jouw buurt die #Bitcoin/Lightning accepteren. 2. Met @bitrefill kan j…
Livin on #crypto: Gutscheinkarten von #bitrefill für alle Fälle 🔥👇 #payment #crypto #wallet #giftcards #bitcoin
Using our @blinkwallet to pay bills on @bitrefill

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