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HKTV mall Gift Card
HKTV mall

HKTV mall Gift Card

This gift card is only redeemable on the e-commerce platform

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HKTVmall 購物禮券送給任何人都非常合適!HKTVmall 集合日本直送海鮮水果、韓國流行美容服飾、至抵超市貨品、母嬰玩具、寵物用品、傢俱擺設、數碼電器、影音書籍、迪士尼精品等過20萬件貨品,不論收禮人是大朋友、小朋友、老友記、貪靚鬼、藝文青、貓奴狗奴定為食一族,都必定揀到心水禮物!仲有大受好評的有禮送貨哥哥派送,你的細膩心意,收禮人必定感受到!

HKTVmall shopping vouchers are suitable for anyone! HKTVmall collects over 400,000 items such as seafood and fruits from Japan, popular Korean beauty and clothing, arrival supermarket goods, maternal and child toys, pet supplies, furnishings, digital appliances, audio-visual books, Disney products and many more.
How to redeem: 1) Login to your account, click “Account Profile” and select “e-Gift Vouchers” 2) Press “Redeem e-Gift Voucher” 3) Enter your redemption code (10 digit Alphanumeric code) and click “Redeem Now” 4) You may see the “Redemption Completed” page 5) The system will send a message to the user account and email to the registered email within 15 minutes How to use: 1) You can then view the vouchers on the “HKTVmall e-Gift Voucher” page 2) Insert product into “Shopping cart” 3) Click “Apply HKTVmall e-Gift Vouchers” in shopping cart, select the quantity you want to use for this order and check whether the deduction amount is correct in “Total Payment” 換領方法: 1. 登入帳戶, 按「帳戶資料」,選擇「HKTVmall 購物禮券」 2. 按右下角的 「換領購物禮券」並輸入10位字母数字代码,並按「換領禮券」 3. 完成換領程序 使用方法: 1. 加入心儀商品至購物車後,按「購物車」至 購物車頁面 2. 在確認付款前,於「使用HKTVmall購物禮券」揀選你該訂單使用的數量 3. 系統會自動在「商品總額」扣減礼品卡价值
1. You must log in to HKTVmall account to redeem the HKTVmall vouchers. 2. This e-Gift voucher can only be used for online purchase at HKTVmall through its website ( or mobile applications. (This e-Gift voucher cannot be used for In-store purchase at HKTVmall O2O shops) 3. The redemption code can only redeem the assigned quantity and amount of HKTVmall vouchers. 4. The redemption code can only be redeemed once. 5. Once the redemption code is redeemed successfully, the HKTVmall e-Gift vouchers will be sent into your account and it cannot be transferred to other accounts. 6. This e-Gift voucher cannot be used to purchase HKTVmall e-Gift voucher. 7. The redemption code/ e-Gift voucher cannot be exchanged to cash or Mall Dollar cash rebate. 8. The redemption code cannot be used to settle any delivery charges and/ or extra charges arising from merchant delivery. 9. No refund or exchange for Mall Dollar will be made for any unused balance of the e-Gift voucher. 10. Maximum of 10 e-Gift vouchers can be used in each order. 11. Hong Kong TV Shopping Network Company Limited is not responsible for lost or stolen of the redemption code or e-Gift voucher. 12. Terms and conditions is applied for the HKTVmall e-Gift voucher. 13. In case of any disputes, Hong Kong TV Shopping Network Company Limited reserves the right to make the final decision. 條款及細則: - 此購物禮券只適用於 或 HKTVmall App 網上購物;不適用於O2O門市購物付款。 - 必須登入帳戶方可兌換HKTVmall購物禮券。 - 每個HKTVmall賬戶最多購買10張電子版購物禮券。 - 每張訂單最多可使用 10 張電子購物禮券。 - 此HKTVmall購物禮券換領代碼只可兌換一次 - 此HKTVmall購物禮券換領代碼一經兌換及確認,購物禮券將於15分鐘 內發送至進行兌換的帳戶;兌換後之HKTVmall購物禮券並不可轉讓至其他戶口。 - 購物禮券不適用於購買HKTVmall購物禮券或電子版購物禮券。 - 此電子購物禮券並不可用作支付運費,包括商戶派送附加費。 -付款總額若少於購物禮券的面值,餘數會被自動扣除,不可兌換現金或Mall Dollar現金回贈。 - 購物禮券不可兌換現金或Mall Dollar現金回贈。 - 禮券必須於指定之有效日期內使用,逾期作廢,不可退換。 - 本公司不會因人為錯誤(如丟失、損壞或被盜用)而重發禮券。 - 如有爭議,香港電視購物網絡有限公司保留最終決定權。
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HKTV mall does not accept crypto but Bitrefill provides a workaround by allowing you to purchase an HKTV mall gift card with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. This gift card can then be used to make purchases at HKTV mall.
You can easily convert your Bitcoins or crypto to a digital HKTV mall gift card.
Once you have purchased an HKTV mall gift card at Bitrefill, it will be emailed to you almost instantly. Or you can redeem the gift card directly from the checkout page.
Some great gift cards that people in Hong Kong usually buy are Apple, G2A, AirlineGift HK, CoinEd and CoinTracking. You can find a lot more options by visiting the gift card section.
If you have a question that's not answered here, you can visit our help center and we'll be happy to assist you.