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Use Bitcoin or altcoins on Ooredoo. Pay with Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. Instant email delivery. No account required. Start living on crypto!

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Reviews (7)

Excellent Service I bought with Litecoin It take arround 10 to 15 mins due to confrontation Only weak point is expensive for ooredoo bill... It's cost 4.8$ for 5000MMK. arround 6500MMK for 5000Bill.
Hitted 5* Mobile top up so fast for doge! Pls add another crypto just like trx xrp or xlm. Pls. reduce for top up exchange fees and thanks! Good service bitrefills!
Best Crypto shop I really like the instant service. Thank for your awesome
I like bitrefill.com because i can make payment with dogecoin
Arkar Aung2017-10-29
I want bit-refill to use with Ethereum (ETH) also. Thanks you. Very Fast Service. Good Service.
Lin Aung2016-10-26
I am so happy with my request. Because of the slow of the bitcoin network, my request is still in pending state with 0 confirmations But the the Bitrefill program manually proceed my request even in pending state. And the support were responsitive and I often use Bitrefill for topping up my number.I'm so pleased that they offer almost every country in the world. I even amazed myself that they supported our country's numbers while others does not.

How Bitrefill Works

1.Enter a phone number & amount

Type in the phone number and the amount you want us to refill

2.Pay with Bitcoin

Your payment is confirmed in the same minute in most cases

3.That's it, here is your refill

Once your payment is confirmed you will get your refill sent out

Refill instantly, anywhere, anytime
Pay with Bitcoin
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Any number in 170 countries

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