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Bitrefill Nike gift cards let you buy all your favorite Nike sneakers and athletic apparel with Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. This gift code may only work in the UAE

🇦🇪 This gift code may only work in United Arab Emirates

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Redeemable in UAE stores only This eGift Card cannot be exchanged for cash. This eGift Card is redeemable only in the physical stores and cannot be used on the online stores. This eGift Card is Valid for one year (12 Months) from the date of issue. This eGift Card is only valid within the following brands of stores in UAE (Nike, Converse, Jordan, Sun and Sand Sports, Sports Market, Sun and Sand Sports Factory Outlet, Basketbolista) This eGift Card is for one-time use only. Partial Redemptions are not applicable.

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