Presenting Bitrefill’s ‘My Moon’ Video Contest

Two chances for you to earn $100 by sharing your personal Moon.

Two chances for you to earn $100 by sharing your personal Moon.

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, from less than a penny in 2010, to almost $60,000 Dollars in 2021, has created life-changing wealth for early adopters. Some of them are now billionaires, and many others have also realized the kind of gains that have made dreams come true.

The phenomenon is so embedded in Bitcoin culture, that Bitcoiners have given it a name and labelled it “your moon”. The term comes from the many, many memes about Bitcoin going to the moon, created by Bitcoiners over the years.

Bitrefill invites you to join the “My Moon” video contest; we want to hear your stories about how Bitcoin and crypto have changed your life for the better. To enter send us a short video telling us your crypto moon story and end it by saying “this is my moon”. You don’t need to show your face if you don’t want to, but in that case show something interesting or relevant.

Everyone has their own moon and we want to hear the stories of how your life was changed, be it improving your house or car, paying off debt, helping your family, or simply pay for your everyday needs. The 2 best stories will win a Bitrefill balance card — One winner is decided by the Bitrefill team and the other is decided by all of you! Vote by liking your favourite video.

  • What are the rules? Submit your video by 24 March 2021. The video must be between 20 seconds and 1 minute in length. Be as creative as you want and give us your real life ‘My Moon’ story! Make sure to end the video by telling us “this is my moon”.
  • How do I enter? Respond to this post with your video, make sure you are following Bitrefill on twitter, like and retweet this post.
  • What is the prize? Each winner will be given a $100 Bitrefill balance card to spend on any product at they wish.
  • When do I find out if I have won? The winners will be decided on 27 March 2021.
  • Bitrefill employees are not eligible to enter or participate in this contest.
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