Bitrefill launches in South Korea

Bitrefill's global expansion has reached South Korea! This week we added 24 new gift card products for South Korea.

Bitrefill's global expansion has reached Korea! This week we added 24 new gift card products for South Korea.

Our goal is to help everyone in the world use their cryptocurrency for everyday needs, and now Koreans can live on crypto more easily than ever!

All of our products can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. Digital voucher codes are delivered instantly as usual.

(Don’t forget our 2% discount when paying through Lightning!)

Living on crypto in South Korea

  1. Top up Happy Money 해피머니 or Culture Land 컬쳐랜드 to shop at most Korean online stores.
  2. Buy groceries, clothing, toys, electronics, and other goods at Lotte mart 롯데마트 hypermarket or the everyday supplies from CU 상품권 convenience store.
  3. Explore all kinds of digital content at One Store 원스토어.
  4. Shop health & beauty products at Olive Young 올리브영 drugstore, at Amore Pacific Mall 아모레퍼시픽몰, at Aritaum Cosmetics 아리따움 and Improve you well-being with Korean Red Ginseng 정관장.
  5. Eat steak at Outback Steakhouse 아웃백.
  6. Order a pizza from Domino’s 도미노피자.
  7. Get quality coffee at Starbucks 스타벅스 or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 커피빈.
  8. Enjoy fast food at Lotteria 롯데리아 Chicken Burgers at Mom's Touch맘스터치 or have an American dinner at TGI FRIDAYS.
  9. Don't forget the donuts at Dunkin' 던킨도너츠 or the most explosive Korean desserts at Korea Dessert Cafe 설빙 상품권.
  10. Watch movies at CGV.

Browse our Korea gift card catalog now

Is there a product missing that you would like us to have? Please email us at tweet at @bitrefill and let us know!

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