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Bitrefill US Dollar account takes the guesswork out of Living on Crypto

Using Bitcoin, you can now credit your Bitrefill account with USD. You’ll be given the option to instantly convert your Bitcoin to a USD balance at a real-time exchange rate, which will be credited automatically.

Once credited, you can now spend your USD balance on any of our gift cards or mobile refills. Simply choose USD account balance as your payment method during checkout.

Now you have the freedom of Bitcoin with the stability of US Dollars, with Bitrefill USD account.

How USD Account Works

1.Sign up for a Bitrefill Account, it only takes an email and a few seconds
2.Select USD account to keep your account balance in USD
3.Use bitcoin to top up like you normally would
4.When your top-up transaction confirms, you’ll be credited the amount in USD
5.Purchase your favorite gift cards and mobile refills, earn Sats, and choose USD account balance as your payment method during checkout

At the time of confirmation of your top-up transaction, the BTC amount will be converted into USD (or EUR) at the current Bitrefill rate. The current rate is displayed on the page and is updated in real-time.

USD Balance can not be converted back into BTC, and can not be withdrawn. It’s a closed-loop balance that can only be used to purchase gift cards for other products, which means most of our gift cards and phone refills. Sales of Thor products, Fastbitcoins, and Bitrefill Balance cards are not allowed with USD balance.

In cases where we have been unable to deliver a gift code and you desire a reimbursement our support will of course help you process a full refund.

Some Terms and Conditions apply, see here for more details.

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