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Skechers 기프트 카드

Skechers 기프트 카드

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이 기프트 카드는 전자 상거래 플랫폼과 오프라인 스토어에서 사용 가능합니다

With a Skechers Gift Card, you can choose from countless options including the latest athletic, casual and fashion sneakers as well as stylish sandals and boots. Get yours today and enjoy the comfort of Skechers!

🇺🇸 이 기프트 코드는 USA
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Skechers Gift Cards are the perfect way to give the gift of shoes! Plus, there are no fees! Whether you're shopping for sneakers, sandals, or boots, Skechers has something for everyone. So next time you're stuck on what to get someone, remember that a Skechers Gift Card is always a great option.

Can you use Skechers gift card online?

Yes, you can use Skechers gift cards on both and in store locations!

How do I check the balance on my Skechers gift card?

Customers can check their gift card balance online by going to the Check Gift Card Balance page. Once there, enter their gift card number and pin-code.

How do I contact Skechers

  • Phone: 1-855-759-7463.
  • Email:

  • Sketchers Gift Card Specifications

  • Product Name: Skechers Gift Card (Digital Delivery)
  • Brand: Skechers
  • Card Amount: $15.00 - $500.00
  • Card Format: Digital
  • Card Type Gift Card
  • Digital Delivery Type: Email
  • Redeemable Online: Online
  • -  For online redemption: Go to to select your items. Click the “Checkout” button Fill in the Shipping Information  Select Payment Select Gift Card and Enter your gift card number and pin Skechers’ cashier instructions: Scan the items for sale Touch Total Touch the GIFT CARD button Scan gift card from print out or manually key in the 19-digit account number directly from the client’s mobile device Have customer enter gift card pin on signature pad
    Working 100%
    Usable up to balance only to buy goods or services at any Skechers location in the United States and at Not refundable or redeemable for cash except as required by law. Not redeemable to purchase another gift card or toward previously purchased goods or services. Not a credit or debit card. Reloadable. Does not expire and no fees apply. Safeguard the card. It will not be replaced or replenished if lost, stolen or used without authorization. Skechers Card Services, LLC is the card issuer and sole obligor to the card owner. Neither Skechers U.S.A., Inc. nor any of its affiliates other than Skechers Card Services, LLC shall be liable to the cardholder with respect to the card. For complete terms and conditions (including arbitration agreement and class action waiver), which are subject to change, or for balance inquiries, please visit Purchase, use or acceptance of card constitutes acceptance of these terms.

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