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Buca di Beppo 기프트 카드
Buca di Beppo

Buca di Beppo 기프트 카드

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Buca di Beppo® serves authentic, Italian cuisine in an eclectic, vintage setting. At Buca you’ll enjoy the Italian traditions of food, wine and hospitality. The food is meant to be shared and served on family-style platters perfect for passing around the table. Dishes are available in two portion sizes: Buca Small® serves two or more, Buca Large® serves four or more. With over 90 locations nationwide, Buca is the perfect place for celebrating a special occasion, planning a business dinner or having a night out with family and friends. Reservations are accepted, so call ahead and reserve a great booth, table or room for your group. Be sure to ask about the specialty tables - a “Pope’s Table” that seats 12-18 and a “Chef’s Table” that seats 6-10. Buca looks forward to sharing food, friendship and fun with you.
1. Gift Cards (vouchers) can not be used online.
2. Multiple Gift Cards (vouchers) can be used in one bill.
3. Gift Cards (vouchers) can not be used for Meal Combos.
4. Gift Cards (vouchers) are accepted at all Listed Outlets.
1. Check the outlet locator for a Buca di Beppo restaurant near you that accepts this gift card (voucher).
2. Outlet locator -
3. Order your preferred products.
4. Show your gift card (voucher) at the time of billing to redeem.
Buca di Beppo Gift Cards (vouchers) are available on the Xoxoday Store website/Mobile application. You can purchase these Gift Cards (vouchers) by using Net Banking, Credit and Debit Cards.
1. Visit the Xoxoday Store website/BucadiBeppoUSA: View and select from the available gift cards (vouchers) of Buca di Beppo.
2. Select your preferred denominations and checkout: You can choose the denomination/s of your preference from those available.
3. Pay via Debit/ Credit/ Net Banking or Xoxoday Voucher/Points: Enter your preferred mode of payment and purchase the Gift Card (vouchers).
Do not want to stay in and order food online? Choose a Buca di Beppo restaurant. You can sit back and relax while the waiter gets your order. Appreciate the ambience and you will not even realise the passage of time. And once the food arrives, nothing will distract you. You can order one of their creative pastas or cocktails. When the bill arrives, you will be more than happy to leave a hefty tip.
Do you not think people get bored of receiving clothes, shoes or accessories? But does anyone turn down a chance to dine at an amazing restaurant? Not many would say no to free food. So, next time you get stuck while selecting a gift, choose Buca di Beppo gift cards (vouchers). People find it difficult to choose gifts, especially during the festive season. Rather than gifting your loved ones dry fruits, choose Buca di Beppo gift cards (vouchers). And give them the chance to choose their own gifts. With Buca di Beppo gift cards (vouchers), the probability of them dumping your gifts will become naught. So go for Buca di Beppo gift cards (vouchers) for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Childrens Day, Valentines Day, your anniversary or birthday. Your loved ones will consider you thoughtful. And you will be getting better gifts on your birthday.
Tired of gifting office stationery, clothes or footwear as corporate holiday presents? How about Buca di Beppo gift cards (vouchers) for your clients, partners and employees? With Buca di Beppo gift cards (vouchers), you leave the choice up to them. You give them the option of using the gift card (voucher) to buy some amazing food for their loved ones. Or for themselves. Use Buca di Beppo gift cards (vouchers), and you will remove the possibility of your gift ending in the bin. Your clients will not get a more thoughtful gift this holiday season. And they will tell you the same.
How Can I return/cancel Buca di Beppo Gift Cards (vouchers) which I have redeemed?
Regret that it is not possible. Gift Cards (vouchers) once redeemed/bought cannot be cancelled or returned.
Where can I use my Buca di Beppo Gift Card (voucher)?
You can use your Buca di Beppo gift card (voucher) in the restaurant itself.
Can I buy a Buca di Beppo Gift Card (voucher) Using my XOXO VOUCHER/POINTS?
Yes, you can buy a Buca di Beppo Gift Card (voucher) using XOXO VOUCHER/POINTS.
How can I know the status of my Buca di Beppo Gift Cards (vouchers)?
Yes of course! Enter your voucher code in the Voucher Detail section. You will know the status of your Buca di Beppo Gift Card (voucher). Alternately, you may also call at +91 80-61915050 or visit
This gift card is issued by BUCA, Inc. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the following terms. Present this card for food, beverage, tip or products at any BUCA, Inc. restaurant. This card will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed unless you have the gift card number and the receipt available and then only for the unused value. Cards cannot be redeemed for cash, except as required by law. No expiration date and no fees apply to this card. For balance information, visit or visit any BUCA, Inc. restaurant. This card must be activated prior to use. For a location near you, call 1-866-EAT-BUCA (1-866-328-2822) or visit

BUCA, Inc. is the parent company and owner of Buca di Beppo restaurants. BUCA, Inc. is not affiliated with NGC. BUCA, Inc. is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this program. Use of our restaurant names, logos or trademarks requires written approval from BUCA, Inc. See backside of gift card for additional terms and conditions. For balance information and to find a location near you please visit or call 1-866-EAT-BUCA (1-866-328-2822).

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