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Compre tarjetas de regalo o recargas móviles de más de 1000 empresas en 170 países. De manera rápida, segura, y privada, con bitcoin y otras criptomonedas

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@SimonDixonTwittFebruary 6, 2019
Just made my first lightning transaction to shop in Apple @iTunes using @bitrefill and @walletofsatoshi - getting there one step at a time. Thanks for sharing this company with me @maxkeiser
@BrickstringTechJanuary 20, 2019
Tested out the Thor service at @bitrefill. Used Lightning to pay for an inbound Lightning channel with the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. Super easy to use. These guys are pioneers. Cool stuff!
@bitcointruth1January 19, 2019
My love for bitcoin and this tech grows daily. Just the experience of buying phone credit and using lightning is so much fun and shits on the current banking system we have. Thanks @bitrefill and @walletofsatoshi for making it so fun and easy to be financially independent 👍#BTC
@dark_AeronJanuary 19, 2019
Checked my recent recipes from groceries, restaurants & cafes. Average response time for @Visa card is 5 seconds, regardless of wireless/wired. Guess what that was for #LightningNetwork? I paid my mobile with @bitrefill - topped up my balance just before I removed my thumb from the pay button
@ObasifrancisJanuary 12, 2019
I just bought a refill for Glo Nigeria with Dogecoin. Thanks Bitrefill for the excellent service delivery.
@jratcliffJanuary 7, 2019
Bitrefill is pretty amazing. You can use the LN network to buy an Amazon card essentially instantly and with no fee. I mean, like click a mouse button and a second later, boom, you have a gift code you can use at checkout. I mean, this shit actually works people!!
@no_itsmyturnDecember 25, 2018
@bitrefill One word, Wow! Your services are amazing and super fast, just refilled my account in airport as fast as thunder! highly satisfied ++++
InnaDecember 22, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised how easy I can refill my phone. I will use this service again and again.
@zerobit_December 4, 2018
Shout out to @bitrefill. I was gifted some bitcoin (again) and that was the fastest I've ever been able to change it to an amazon giftcard. Highly recommend.
@AlexLielacherNovember 25, 2018
Topping up my Malaysian SIM with #BTC worked like a charm thanks to @bitrefill. Always happy to be able to use crypto when traveling!
@LeWinfeltApril 4, 2018
Just made my first @bitrefill top-up. It was cheaper than the fee I usually pay + I didn't have to move out of this chair. Niiceeeee. #bitcoin
@jayanthsugavasiApril 2, 2018
@bitrefill Your service is flawless! I am able to pay my mobile bill using bitcoin + coinbase account. Great UX.
@CriptoNoticiasMarch, 24 2018
#FelizSabado Hoy te traemos un nuevo #tutorial con el que podrás aprender a utilizar @bitrefill y recargar tu saldo del móvil con #bitcoin, #DASH o #litecoin 💰📲👌👇
@surrealtcJanuary 2, 2018
Used @bitrefill service today to add some bucks to my Steam account with #Litecoin and the process was seamless. Almost instantly had the code to insert into the #Steam wallet. Great service with potential for much more.
@AlyseKilleenDecember 10, 2017
Gamers can use #Bitcoin on the Steam platform once again using @bitrefill; story via @bitcoinist.
@onreact_comDecember 9, 2017
Just tested Bitrefill - works seamlessly: via @bitrefill
@SatoshiLiteDecember 8, 2017
You can now buy Steam vouchers with LTC! Thanks @bitrefill for supporting Litecoin!
@BTCPuertoRico16 September, 2017
Uno de los mejores servicios basados en #bitcoin, @bitrefill. Recargas al instante y servicio al cliente de primera. Altamente recomendado.

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