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“Try Bill Pay” campaign Terms & Conditions

This campaign aims to incentivize Customers to try our Bill Payment Products in the United States (the New US Bill Payment Customers”). The US Bill Payment Products are provided in connection with regulated third parties and are better described in the general Terms & Conditions, which apply fully. Please refer to them before proceeding. Any personally identifiable information provided by you in this context will be processed under our Privacy Policy.

1. The campaign

Under this campaign, Bitrefill shall credit the Bitrefill US Balance of the Customers qualifying as a New US Bill Payment Customer with a bonus of 10.10 USD (the “Bonus”) to be used towards the payment of a US Bill Payment Product.

The campaign is limited to one bonus per New US Bill Payment Customer. It starts on September 28, 2022.

Bitrefill may choose to extend or expire this campaign or change the terms at any time.

2. New US Bill Payment customers

In order to qualify as a New US Bill Payment Customer, a Customer must cumulatively:

  • Have the legal capacity to conclude purchases online;
  • Have a valid account at Bitrefill;
  • Successfully conclude the identity verification process at Bitrefill within the dates of this campaign, or have concluded such process before the starting date of the campaign but have not yet acquired any Bill Payment Product as of that date;
  • Have a current and verifiable legal address in the United States of America.

Bitrefill reserves the right to remove eligibility from any Customer for any reason at any time. You cannot use multiple accounts owned or controlled by you for the purpose of obtaining the Bonus reward in violation of these terms and conditions. Any attempt to misuse this program will result in exclusion from the campaign and removal of any bonuses from the accounts involved. It may further result in the cancellation of the verified status and/or the suspension or removal of the Customer’s account.

3. Bonus

The Bonus shall be applied, immediately after a Customer becomes a New US Bill Payment Customer, in the USD Bitrefill Balance, which is governed by the general Terms & Conditions. Please refer to them for more information on use, refunds, and other features.

For Customers who have verified their identity prior to the start of this campaign but have yet to purchase any US Bill Payment Product, the Bonus will be automatically applied.

The Bonus shall be used towards the acquisition of US Bill Payment Products by October 31, 2022. Any Bonuses unused by then will be removed from your balance after that time.

4. Miscellaneous

Bitrefill does not offer any warranties, and disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with regard to the Campaign. Bitrefill does not guarantee that its website or mobile app will be free of errors or interruptions. Bitrefill reserves the right to correct all typographical and other written errors in connection with the Campaign.

Bitrefill reserves the right to limit the amount of Bonus you are eligible to receive and to refuse or recover any Bonus or deem you ineligible for the campaign if Bitrefill determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, or was awarded to you in error, or that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided in opening the account or verifying your identity, or that any terms of the Terms and Conditions or these campaign terms and have been violated. Bitrefill reserves the right to suspend, cancel, terminate or modify this campaign and/or these campaign terms at any time at its sole discretion.