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Sealed Codes

A sealed gift card means that it’s unused and contains its full face value. An unsealed gift card reveals the code beneath for redemption. Now, when you give a gift you can set a special date that the gift can be unsealed, like a holiday, birthday, or anniversary. Sealed gift cards can easily be transferred, as long as they are sealed, brand new and unused.

How Sealed Codes Work

1.Once you’ve decided upon the perfect gift, select the denomination, click the "purchase as a gift" button, enter your loved one’s details, choose a theme, and pick a special date to be delivered.
2.Your recipient will receive their sealed gift card in a themed email on the date you’ve chosen.
3.Your recipient can choose to unseal and redeem the code, save it for later, or they can even give it to someone else who can choose when to unseal and redeem the gift.

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