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Shoutout to @bitrefill, just bought another 15 GBP #Amazon #Gift Card with bitcoin through them, recommend bitrefill for everyone!
Mi hija acaba de comprar sola saldo para su cuenta de roblox con #Bitcoin #LightningNetwork a través de @bitrefill. Excelente experiencia. Yo le pago en satoshis que ella…
Me too, lightning is great. @bitrefill alone makes it worth trying out, I was blown away by how much they offered (and even offer a 2% discount using LN)
Usando @Bitrefill para recargar mi linea @MovistarVe, Esta vez use LN de #Bitcoin, donde te ofrecen un 2% de descuento en los fees para recargar, ya saben si su banco no …
@bitrefill always works fine
@Mr_SauravKT2020-04-15 is really awesome. I can top up my mobile phones anytime and anywhere, by using crypto. And it takes a very low fees while doing a transaction because i use…
@bitrefill is the best and easiest way to use my crypto for shopping that I know!
@bitrefill amazing tech/service, low fees across board. More service & 🎁 cards to family and friends. @digicel 🇼🇸 💪 🔥
Bitrefill Review 2020: How to Top Up Your Mobile Recharge and Buy Giftcards With Bitcoin in Nigeria.
Acabo de recargar mi línea Digitel con @bitrefill y me encantó. Fue súper rápido y me dieron 2% de descuento por pagar con Lightning (BTC) 😊 Te quiero @bitrefill ❤️ ❤️ ❤…
@bitrefill is a treasure. I think there is a site listing many entrepreneurs hosting @BtcpayServer and I often send messages to the merchant directly, asking if they want…
Wait what!!! 😱, recharge your phone with bitcoin 🤔... OK this I got to see. Click on the link below and learn how to recharge your phone with #Bitcoin 😁... @bitrefill …
Don't have to. The free market is in play here, Barbuda fisherman deliver it daily, and I can top up their phones using @bitrefill
Ayer le recargué saldo al teléfono de mi hijo en España. En menos de 5 segundos la tuvo gracias a @bitrefill que acepta criptomonedas. Excelente servicio #QuedateEnCasa
Checking out @bitrefill and they have all kinds of stores from #India listed on their platform!! And you know what you can buy all these with your #bitcoin $ETH $LTC. I h…
Si usted tiene un amigo varado en cualquier parte del mundo a causa del #COVIDー19 puede ayudarlo enviándole #Bitcoin directo a su Wallet ó Ud puede hacer la gestión usand…
Si tienen problemas para pagar su servicio de telefonía por su banco, y quieren mantener la cuarentena, usen @bitrefill, pueden pagar con #Bitcoin #Litecoin, #Dash, entre…
Vpn , cartes #Amazon, cartes #Decathlon, #Carrefour, #footlocker Grâce a @bitrefill 🥳 ♥️ 🥳 et #Bitcoin 🌐
Utilicé parte de los Satoshi ganados en @Bitsahara para probar la recarga de saldo en @bitrefill a través de la #Lightning network. Super genial lo rapido y sencillo, cue…
Absolutely fantastic work by @bitrefill folks. You can even buy @swiggy_in vouchers using Bitcoin now. Thanks @BitcoinErrorLog and team 👊
You can top up any prepaid plan in the world using BTC with @bitrefill
Ngl @bitrefill is saving my life. Orderd several products on amazon and got myself another month of spotify premium
ये लो ! और एक. अब गिफ्ट लेना और भी आसान! #UnstoppableCrypto
UPDATE: @bitrefill now offers Amazon Australia gift cards. Game changers!!!!
Me parece muy loco que a veces puedo recargar más rápido el saldo de mi celular con #bitcoin por Lightning Network con Bitrefill, que por mi banco. PS: Recargue $1,5 dóla…
Sitting in southern Africa I just topped up a local phone with airtime paid with #Bitcoin over the #LightningNetwork. Great job @bitrefill
@bitrefill is seriously an amazing service for #bitcoin! Also #ln integration is so easy/fast. Seriously check them out of you haven't yet. They makea me so freaky~
Nothing like eating Pizza bought with Bitcoin to celebrate $10k via & @bitrefill @UberEats #cryptopizzahunt #PizzaDay
It may have started as a phone recharge offering, but now they offer hundreds of different gift vouchers from several countries and covers ecommerce, travel sites etc.
OK.. This is pretty cool you've got to admit... A review of #bitrefill Click on the link and find out what's up. Grinning face @bitrefill #DASH #Ethereum #Bitcoin #crypto…
Je viens de tester @bitrefill et ça marche super bien, vraiment un beau service.
Just bought my first @amazon voucher's via @bitrefill by my Bitcoins,Works super fast! Great to see Bitcoin finally becoming very easy to use as a payment method in vario…
@bitrefill provides a great service! I had a business trip funded in less than five seconds using @Dashpay!
Bless crypto and @bitrefill for providing an instant mobile top-up. If not them, I might not have mobile data in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and virtually around all of A…
Por exemplo, dá pra usar @bitrefill na Amazon e usar btc de uma forma bem simples. Na minha experiência é mais rápido que cartão de crédito.
I also bought a little voucher for my neighbor on @bitrefill and @Breez_Tech opened up smoothly ☺️ 👌 #gooduserexperience
This is the site to go to if you are looking to spend your crypto. I receive them quickly and they always work. 10/10 would recommend to anyone ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ @bitrefill
- Hermano, ¿me puedes hacer una segunda? No tengo nada de saldo. - Claro. Dame 5 minutos... Solo 1 minuto después, habiendo pasado por @bitrefill y pagado vía LN con @wal…
Bitrefill @bitrefill I use this to buy Amazon gift cards.. supports btc, Ltd, dash and even doge.
I recently purchased a SIM in person at a kiosk in Sweden for cash. Works anywhere in the EU and @bitrefill can top it up with Bitcoin. 😎
I’ve just used some #Dogecoin via @bitrefill. If anyone *dabbles* with cryptocurrencies, I would definitely suggest this. Now, do I buy minecraft or a battle pass for #Ca…
Estoy súper fascinada con la devolución que hay en @bitrefill enseguida me devolvió mi satochis ! Algo que nunca ocurre con el banco !! 😍
I have downloaded the app and it's a fabulous experience having gotten how to use my BTC in my country Uganda 🇺🇬 for the first time apart from exchanging them for fiat.…
Just wanted to thank @bitrefill for their amazing service! I'm always a bit careful at the beginning when it's about sending $BTC anywhere but tried it several times now …
Today i bought 1kg of lentils for $0.90 at a street merchant. I paid with #DASH @Dashpay using the @Coinomi wallet via @Bitrefill mobile recharge! The fee for #Bitrefill …
Just freed myself from the small amount of ETH I had and bought a gift card @bitrefill. Worked like a charm. Since I did that interview with @BitcoinErrorLog I wanted to …
The #Lightning Network may have just gotten its first business-to-business (B2B) payment channel. Two of the most prominent #Bitcoin companies in the space are collaborat…
Recuerden que mañana es #Cybermonday una excelente ocasión para comprar #Bitcoin y Electrónicos 🤣 🤘 Conocen alguna eshop que acepte Bitcoin ? yo estoy que me compro una…
Living in Asia, Bitrefill w/lightning is -the- best way to pay for your utilities, no contest
People say Lightning is a long way from catching on, but it’s already essential to me, used often: instant confirmation payments to @bitrefill
Sometimes it's easier to simply use Bitrefill than LocalBitcoins + dying banking system. Like, well, I can top up my phone or buy a gift card to pay / buy something
Most of us who live on bitcoin would be nowhere without Bitrefill, it's how we buy groceries to eat, phone credit, broadband, clothes, etc. Additionally they've invested …
En La Paz #Bolivia es difícil encontrar negocios para recargar saldo el teléfono. Estoy usando #bitcoin y #eth mediante @bitrefill para recargar a seres queridos y estar …
Proyectos que si masifican, @Bitrefill te ofrece un manera de usar distintos servicios usando #Criptomonedas como medio de pago, no solo en turismo, puedes obtener gift c…
Just sent a #bitcoin #lightning payment from a wallet on one of my US phones here in Saudi, routed through my personal node in Canada, through some intermediate nodes, to…
@bitrefill is a very good & trusted site. I buy top-up many times to my number
I have been using @bitrefill services to top up phones internationally and domestically without issues. Crypto payments are sent and the refill code delivered almost inst…
Introduced few crypto friends in India to @bitrefill. All of them are hooked to the service and love the fact that the service covers all major internet companies in Indi…
Made a top up of my Thai number with @Dashpay via @bitrefill. The whole process took 2 seconds. Wow, it is fast.
New Bitcoin Playground | @bitrefill. ✅Buy Amazon Gift Card with Bitcoin anonymously. ✅Use Thor Recharge to pay lightning invoice.
Used @bitrefill for first time to get a Spain amazon gift card. Super easy ! Awesome.
Excelente!! I just bought a refill for Claro Colombia with Dogecoin #dogecoin @dogecoin @bitrefill
After trying 5 different drugstores to top up my phone in Argentina I gave up. Then I remembered @bitrefill. Instant top up via Lightning in seconds 🚀
.@kcalvinalvinn help me order all the components I need for a new PC. Paid for with the lightning network and @bitrefill gift cards from an online store here in Korea
Just want to point out that @bitrefill’s customer service did a fantastic job of fixing this for me. I’ll gladly keep using their service.
Jaja obvio! Productos o servicios. Pagar la cuenta del teléfono con bitrefill se siente refrescante jeje
All of my electricity and internet is paid by bitrefill with lightning and I hate spending sats. I do it for the sheer convenience and speed.
Major thanks to @bitrefill for making it ridiculously easy to live on #BitcoinOnly!
First time I used @bitrefill. Just bought a Steam voucher using BTC. No registration, no KYC, no anything. That went SO smooth. Not buying a game using any other option, …
En @bitrefill puedes cargar saldo con bitcoin si algún día tu banco no funciona o te quedas sin bolivares
"#Bitcoin no sirve para nada... No puedes pagar nada con eso" Ok, bro. Acabo de pagar saldo para mi teléfono celular utilizando lo que recibí vía @bottlepay en @bitrefill
Bitcoin saved my ass today. I have a debit only Master card and couldn't wait 3 days for money to hit my card, to use Uber to get around San Fran. With @bitrefill and #bt…
Ok, I have to admit: using @bitrefill was finally pretty magical. Could add €15 to my phone as fast as never before (was smoother than paypal). After I did that, I even h…
I love how paying my @ATT cellphone bill with #Dash via @bitrefill is faster than paying it via online banking. We really are witnessing the future of payments
Happened just now... Tried buying a Walmart gift card for a friend in need, my credit card was frozen for fraud. Used #Bitcoin via @bitrefill to buy one a few minutes lat…
My son earns all of his chore money in btc on lightning now. When he wants to buy something with it he goes to @bitrefill, grabs a gift card, and makes the purchase insta…
Just noticed @bitrefill added Itunes, Myer, JB HiFi, David Jones and Coles gift cards for us Aussies. Can finally buy some Food with my #lightning wallet. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank Yo…
Будущее, ты ли это? В РФ никак не регулируются криптовалюты, но ребята из @bitrefill сделали возможным оплатить покупку в более чем 100 магазинов РФ, в их числе Связной, …
Used @bitrefill with @lightning to put money on my @orange Spanish payg mobile - so easy! Works a treat #BTC #LightningNetwork
I heard a happy user speak of @bitrefill and how they got their funds out of an exchange using LN (faster and cheaper fees) - was super impressed
@bitrefill amazing service thank you for going out of your way to make that situation correct. You'll continue to receive my future gift card purchases. A+++ if anyone ne…
Today I'm faced with (1) no food, (2) locked out of my bank with no friends to help me get cash out, (3) @RevolutApp card I picked up in Prague won't let me top up b/c I'…
Shoutout to @bitrefill for making life easier and easier for those who get paid in or live off their #bitcoin.
@bitrefill is one of the most useful services that supports lightning ⚡️and one of the most used on the marketplace! Try them out, and give them some love 💙
NERDGASM: Just created a US based PS4 account, bought a voucher on @bitrefill via lightning and it worked flawlessly!!!!! I paid 15 satoshi of fees. Unfairly cheap. Bough…
This is like a life saver for me. I can buy gifts for my parents in India with Bitcoin and have it delivered - all while bypassing the mayhem that is Indian card infrastr…
I was able to onboard my kids/nephews/nieces and get them using ⚡️ and @bitrefill. Ages 4th grade to 9th. They’ve been buying pizza, Xbox cards and iTunes cards. #bitcoin
Banking systems to top up mobile phones in Venezuela are not working due to outage, however people haven been able to top up their friend's and family's phones using @bit…
Using @bitrefill we are able to help thousands of Venezuelans
Living on Bitcoin on a daily basis is becoming easier and easier. Thanks to @bitrefill and @bluewalletio
Buying Movie Ticket Voucher in India using Bitcoin on @lightning Network in seconds. Do check out @bitrefill - They have lot of options for Indian users. This is so fast …
Just made my first lightning transaction to shop in Apple @iTunes using @bitrefill and @walletofsatoshi - getting there one step at a time. Thanks for sharing this compan…
Aww, @bitrefill offers vouchers from my most loved supermarket M&S - UK vouchers can be used in HK stores - I am sold! 😍 Might pay for next groceries w/ vouchers paid wi…
Tested out the Thor service at @bitrefill. Used Lightning to pay for an inbound Lightning channel with the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. Super easy to use. These guys are pio…
I just bought a refill for Glo Nigeria with Dogecoin. Thanks Bitrefill for the excellent service delivery.
@bitrefill One word, Wow! Your services are amazing and super fast, just refilled my account in airport as fast as thunder! highly satisfied ++++
I was pleasantly surprised how easy I can refill my phone. I will use this service again and again.
Shout out to @bitrefill. I was gifted some bitcoin (again) and that was the fastest I've ever been able to change it to an amazon giftcard. Highly recommend.
Topping up my Malaysian SIM with #BTC worked like a charm thanks to @bitrefill. Always happy to be able to use crypto when traveling!
Just made my first @bitrefill top-up. It was cheaper than the fee I usually pay + I didn't have to move out of this chair. Niiceeeee. #bitcoin
@bitrefill Your service is flawless! I am able to pay my mobile bill using bitcoin + coinbase account. Great UX.
#FelizSabado Hoy te traemos un nuevo #tutorial con el que podrás aprender a utilizar @bitrefill y recargar tu saldo del móvil con #bitcoin, #DASH o #litecoin 💰📲👌👇
Gamers can use #Bitcoin on the Steam platform once again using @bitrefill; story via @bitcoinist.
Just tested Bitrefill - works seamlessly: via @bitrefill
You can now buy Steam vouchers with LTC! Thanks @bitrefill for supporting Litecoin!
Uno de los mejores servicios basados en #bitcoin, @bitrefill. Recargas al instante y servicio al cliente de primera. Altamente recomendado.
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