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R.O.X. Philippines
REDS Canada
RJ Homes PHP
ROK Mobile USA
RTLMobil Germany
RTLMobil PIN Germany
RTLMobile pin Germany
Raffles Hotels & Resorts USA
Rainforest Cafe USA
Raisins Restaurant & Cakes PIN Nigeria
Rajah Travel Philippines
Rakuten TV Italy
Rakuten TV Portugal
Rakuten TV Spain
Rakuten TV UK
Rambla PHP
Ramen Nagi PHP
Randalls USA
Rappi Colombia
Rashka Russia
Ratnadeep Super Market India
Raw Bites Philippines
RayBan India
RayBan USA
Raymond India
Razer EU
Razer Gold USA
Razrushiteli (Xsolla) Russia
ReachOut PIN USA
Reader's Digest India
Rebel Australia
Red Balloon Australia
Red Bull PIN Oman
Red Letter Days UK
Red Lobster CAD
Red Lobster PHP
Red Lobster USA
Red Mango Philippines
Red Pocket GSM pin USA
Red Pocket PIN USA
Red Ribbon PHP
Red Robin USA
Redbox USA
Reebok UK
Reef Philippines
Regal Cinemas USA
Regal Entertainment Group USA
Regine's Salon
Relaxo India
Renna pin Oman
Renner Brazil Russia
República Móvil España
República Móvil España
Res Toe Run Philippines
Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea PHP
Revocall PINLESS Canada
Rewe Germany
Ri Happy Brazil
Riachuelo Brazil
Ride Revolution PHP
Rightel Iran
RiotZone Russia
Rituals Portugal
Rituals Spain
River Crab / Bluewater Inn USA
River Island PIN Ireland
River Island UK
River Roast USA
Roadhouse Italy
Robi Axiata Bangladesh
Robi Bangladesh Bundles
Robi Bangladesh Internet
Robinsons Department Store PHP
Robinsons Supermarket PHP
Roblox USD
Rogers PIN Canada
Romagna Holiday Card Italy
Rookie USA Philippines
Roots Canada
Rosanna Ocampo
Roshan Afghanistan
Rostelecom Russia
Royal Caribbean USA
Royal Caribbean by Inspire UK
Royce Philippines
Royqueen Philippines
Ruby Tuesday USA
Ruff 'n' Tumble Nigeria
Rumbo España
Rustans Department Store eGV PHP
Rusty Lopez PHP
Ruth’s Chris Steak House USA

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