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Покупайте ваучеры iTunes за Bitcoin

Ищите игры, музыку, фильмы и многое другое в iTunes Store. Покупайте кредиты iTunes за Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, USDT ERC20, USDT TRC20, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Card Payment.

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1. Введите сумму
2. Оплатить биткоинами
3. Вот и все, воспользуйтесь своим кодом!

Введите сумму, на которую вы хотели бы получить Подарочную Карту

В большинстве случаев ваш платеж подтверждается в ту же минуту

Как только ваш платеж будет подтвержден, вы получите код Подарочной Карты

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Играйте в игры для iPhone/iPad, смотрите новые релизы и делайте многое другое!

Bitrefill предлагает десятки ваучеров, связанных с путешествиями, видеоиграми, розничной торговлей, ресторанами и т.д. Начните жить за счет криптовалюты уже сегодня!


Bitrefill позволяет вам покупать за Биткойн ваучеры iTunes, которые можно использовать в вашем аккаунте iTunes. После пополнения баланса аккаунта iTunes вы сможете приступить к покупкам!

Более 500 отзывов со средней оценкой 4.9

Посмотреть более 500 отзывов

Будущее, ты ли это? В РФ никак не регулируются криптовалюты, но ребята из @bitrefill сделали возможным оплатить покупку в более чем 100 магазинов РФ, в их числе Связной, Спортмастер, Вконтакте и ЛитРес.


@ln_strike 5% cash back on @Bitrefill worked flawlessly. Havent tried it before but fuck it just worked. Kinda sad I missed the 20% cash back. Put that 5% with my Petco rewards and I saved 15$ off a 100$ order! Plus bitrefill gave me they're own 1% reward back in sats🤯

RVA Hodl

You really need to get updated bro! Don't you know you can live on #Bitcoin ? Ever heard of @bitrefill for example? #Btc fixes everything!

The₿ourbonDude 🟩⚡🍊💊🌋🇸🇻 |🇮🇹|

Apparently, word on the street is that the @bitrefill app is a major life hack right about now… I wouldn’t trust their opinion though, verify for yourself! 😉📲🛒🛍🧡

Coach Carbon

Check out @bitrefill, they have MANY stores you can buy gift cards. Will help you buy goods in the short term with bitcoin while stores aren’t widely accepting bitcoin.

Satrinity ✝️

I finally bought my first coffee using Bitcoin. @bitrefill has been amazing 🤩 Ready to get my entire pay in #Bitcoin 🥳


Yes you can. You can use @bitrefill to buy groceries, electronics, clothes and a load of other stuff directly from well known shops and brands with bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. I can also sell Bitcoin for cash which I wouldn’t do to begin with. I hardly use my bank


I buy Kroger gift cards from @bitrefill to buy groceries with BTC

Satrinity ✝️

Holy cow @bitrefill saved my life. My accommodations for @EthereumDenver fell through last minute - got a Airbnb gift card with ETH ♥️

hamer.eth 🦊💙

Big shoutout to @bitrefill and their bill pay service. Now our scholarship students can easily pay tuition from phone in #BTC and workers can pay all their bills (even car insurance) right from their phone. Saving people hours of travel time and waiting in lines!

Bitcoin Beach

Day 142 Ni Hao #Bitcoin Family, Got Bread, Yogurt & Sandwich for #Satoshi using @bitrefill at @7eleven in #Singapore Lets #runwithbitcoin Hugs, Paco

Paco de la India⚡

Today I taught my friend in #Africa how to use #Bitcoin to buy @AirtelTanzania cellphone minutes via @Bitrefill gift cards! Now Anderson is looking to implement Bitcoin payments into his Safari company!

🍁⚡East Side Tony⚡ 🇸🇻

Came across @bitrefill recently, really cool concept for purchasing gift cards for everyday retailers with crypto 👀 if you use USDT on the TRC-20 network, it's only a 1 USDT fee from most exchanges 💰 Feel free to use my referral link:

hgtp://Crypto Tom

@bitrefill hats of to your service. I used @ln_strike to buys some gift cards. Had an issue with 2 of them. @bitrefill took care of it the same day with a full refund. You two make a great team. Thanks.

Rocky Mehta

Enjoy using @bitrefill It’s the best way to buy airtime since you earn Sats back 🦾


Yeah, we use them all the time. @bitrefill is awesome!

Bitcoin Ekasi

I regularly use #Bitrefill services, my last purchase was a @Spotify gift card via #LightningNetwork ⚡, efficient and cheap... Thanks #bitrefill 👍

JcTr0602 🚀🌑

Amazing service, have been using it a bit! @bitrefill Thanks 🙏 @LordFusitua One of the ways to help families and friends in the Islands by using sats!..🌴🌊 💪 🔥

fireknife.crypto(🇼🇸 ⚡)

Shopping with @bitrefill using #eth is definately keeping the wife happy in the knowledge that $ is not just on the screen and floating around through space 😁


I used #Bitcoin lightning network and @bitrefill to buy lumber today. Waited for the total to come up on register, put the total into bitrefill, generated invoice, paid w/ @bluewalletio , gift card was sent to email. Easy, quick, and epic. Gonna use this to build addition on home

Saint BTC

Hey try @bitrefill you can literally buy anything you need in bitcoin

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