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Investing in Bitrefill

Bitrefill's quest is the holy grail of crypto: Making cryptocurrency everyday money. Earning and spending. The circular economy.

“With minimal external funding, we have reached a point where conservative estimates of public data indicate that around 30% of all global consumer purchases w crypto happen on”

In short: Bitrefill is now the by far largest crypto store in the world and this while not relinquishing control of our company and destiny.

Still growing at 200% every year since 2015, Bitrefill is today profitable. And we’re about to launch a new service that will be a real game changer for people’s ability to live on Crypto.

We’re not fundraising right now but if you're interested please note your email address below.

We might not match the pattern of the typical VC investor, but then again - neither did Amazon in 1999.

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