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  • I bought vouchers off @bitrefill using Bitcoin. But will use this so long. I still have an account with them.

    OKIN | Nikolai Tjongarero
  • @CheapAir and @bitrefill take Bitcoin, they'll be useful here. Bitrefill also has hotels dot com vouchers that you can use for hotel stays.

    Stephan Livera
  • How @Memeland and @bitrefill made my wife happier 😉🤑 Thread 👇 ✅REFERRAL: 2nwttv9v (5$ in bitcoin with my code after 50$ purchase in the site)

  • One of the most common objections I get is "but I can't buy anything with it" Have a look around @bitrefill .... and find me something you CAN'T buy with it #Bitcoin #HardMoney #LiveOnBitcoin

    Carri Cee
  • My Uber payments were recently declined for obvious reasons, but thanks to @bitrefill I am now using #Bitcoin to pay for my trips.😊

  • Yes brother, the @bitrefill card is coming, I will test the Beta version and I will let you know!

    Yannis | DeFi 🦇🔊
  • You really need to get updated bro! Don't you know you can live on #Bitcoin ? Ever heard of @bitrefill for example? #Btc fixes everything!

    The₿ourbonDude 🟩⚡🍊💊🌋🇸🇻 |🇮🇹|
  • Check out @bitrefill, they have MANY stores you can buy gift cards. Will help you buy goods in the short term with bitcoin while stores aren’t widely accepting bitcoin.

    Satrinity ✝️
  • I finally bought my first coffee using Bitcoin. @bitrefill has been amazing 🤩 Ready to get my entire pay in #Bitcoin 🥳

  • I buy Kroger gift cards from @bitrefill to buy groceries with BTC

    Satrinity ✝️
  • Holy cow @bitrefill saved my life. My accommodations for @EthereumDenver fell through last minute - got a Airbnb gift card with ETH ♥️

    hamer.eth 🦊💙

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