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Bitcoin Gift Card Vouchers from FastBitcoins

We're excited to announce our new partnership with, allowing us to offer Bitcoin voucher redemption codes as a way to purchase and gift Bitcoin to anyone, anywhere, without needing to use a traditional exchange or ATM. For the first time ever, these vouchers enable you to redeem Bitcoin directly into your Lighting Network wallet, or you can choose to send them directly to any regular Bitcoin address.

What is a Bitcoin voucher?

A Bitcoin voucher, or "BV", is a way to buy Bitcoin without initiating an on-chain transaction until a special gift code is redeemed with the provider at It’s fast and easy.

Why use Bitcoin vouchers?

These gift cards allow you to gift Bitcoin to anyone, even if they do not have a wallet yet, or if they do not have an account at a traditional Bitcoin exchange. You control when and where to redeem your BTC.

What are the limitations?

After you have purchased your voucher, you will need to visit the website and provide an email address along with your redemption code and Bitcoin address to receive your Bitcoin. Once you redeem your code, the Bitcoin transaction will be broadcast instantly. Redemptions are limited to $1000 worth of Bitcoin per day, with additional amounts requiring ID verification with

You can redeem your Bitcoin voucher directly onto the Lighting Network!

Bitcoin Gift Voucher

$10-$390 FastBitcoins Voucher

You can pay with any of our supported payment methods: Bitcoin, Lightning, your Coinbase balance, or with any of the 4 other currencies we support!