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Смотрите фильмы за биткоины

Bitrefill — это способ платить криптовалютой за любимые фильмы, шоу, музыку и подкасты. При этом вы получаете кешбэк в размере 10% в сатоши.

Обзор развлекательных подарочных карт

Мы являемся самой надежной криптовалютной электронной коммерцией в мире

  • We are rated 4.9 out of 5

  • Just bought some airtime with @bitrefill, it's my first time and I love the experience. Awesome, More products on Bitrefill.

    Buddy Buddy 😎💙❤️⚡⚡
  • No KYC to buy on Takealot via bitrefill? Cool if true.

    Cypher Shrugged [BTC⚡️LN]
  • ⚠️ Load Shedding in South Africa 🇿🇦 2-4h/day no electricity ⚡️ No problem for #Bitcoin @bluetti_inc 600W PS fully paid with @blink and @bitrefill on @TAKEALOT

    DrLuke ₿
  • Just used #bitrefill to buy a #takeallot voucher and bought more bottles 🍼🍼for sister K2 . It’s just getting easier thanks to #bitcoin. All #SATS will go to the twins needs ❤️🤝

    Giant Little Steps
  • Move to zero tax countries Or use @bitrefill to live off crypto

    Isha 🔺🔺🔺
  • Turning a bit of crypto profit into a spring break trip for the fam. Thanks @giddydefi x @bitrefill 💪💪💪

    Eric Parker 𐚁
  • Zero debt. I pay my bills with @bitrefill and my food with @blinkbtc

    Tabarnak Dan ☣️
  • @Bitrefill can be super useful if you need to spend Bitcoin at places that don't accept #Bitcoin!

    🟠 ⚡ Kelbie ⚡ 🟠
  • You can actually buy groceries with it in many places. And if your nearby merchants don’t accept it checkout @bitrefill

  • Every day. Mostly for zaps and AI. My son use Bitrefill a lot.

    Sylvain Dallaire
  • @btc_dada @marcelorraine & all the ladies gave me way too much grace to be me & I am forever thankful for that 🙏🏾I hope we can all use tools like @bitrefill to help us live off of #BTC 🫡

    OKIN | Nikolai Tjongarero

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