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@NicolasDorierApril 4, 2019
NERDGASM: Just created a US based PS4 account, bought a voucher on @bitrefill via lightning and it worked flawlessly!!!!! I paid 15 satoshi of fees. Unfairly cheap. Bought again Sekiro but US version this time! :)
@dopetardMarch 28, 2019
This is like a life saver for me. I can buy gifts for my parents in India with Bitcoin and have it delivered - all while bypassing the mayhem that is Indian card infrastructure which often comes with compliance issues and high foreign exchange + processing fees
@cadillackillerMarch 27, 2019
I was able to onboard my kids/nephews/nieces and get them using ⚡️ and @bitrefill. Ages 4th grade to 9th. They’ve been buying pizza, Xbox cards and iTunes cards. #bitcoin
@alecheverria93March 13, 2019
Using @bitrefill we are able to help thousands of Venezuelans
@marcosrdzFebruary 18, 2019
Living on Bitcoin on a daily basis is becoming easier and easier. Thanks to @bitrefill and @bluewalletio
@CryptooIndiaFebruary 13, 2019
Buying Movie Ticket Voucher in India using Bitcoin on @lightning Network in seconds. Do check out @bitrefill - They have lot of options for Indian users. This is so fast !! #bitcoin #india
@SimonDixonTwittFebruary 6, 2019
Just made my first lightning transaction to shop in Apple @iTunes using @bitrefill and @walletofsatoshi - getting there one step at a time. Thanks for sharing this company with me @maxkeiser
@BrickstringTechJanuary 20, 2019
Tested out the Thor service at @bitrefill. Used Lightning to pay for an inbound Lightning channel with the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. Super easy to use. These guys are pioneers. Cool stuff!
@ObasifrancisJanuary 12, 2019
I just bought a refill for Glo Nigeria with Dogecoin. Thanks Bitrefill for the excellent service delivery.
@no_itsmyturnDecember 25, 2018
@bitrefill One word, Wow! Your services are amazing and super fast, just refilled my account in airport as fast as thunder! highly satisfied ++++
InnaDecember 22, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised how easy I can refill my phone. I will use this service again and again.
@zerobit_December 4, 2018
Shout out to @bitrefill. I was gifted some bitcoin (again) and that was the fastest I've ever been able to change it to an amazon giftcard. Highly recommend.
@AlexLielacherNovember 25, 2018
Topping up my Malaysian SIM with #BTC worked like a charm thanks to @bitrefill. Always happy to be able to use crypto when traveling!
@LeWinfeltApril 4, 2018
Just made my first @bitrefill top-up. It was cheaper than the fee I usually pay + I didn't have to move out of this chair. Niiceeeee. #bitcoin
@jayanthsugavasiApril 2, 2018
@bitrefill Your service is flawless! I am able to pay my mobile bill using bitcoin + coinbase account. Great UX.
@CriptoNoticiasMarch, 24 2018
#FelizSabado Hoy te traemos un nuevo #tutorial con el que podrás aprender a utilizar @bitrefill y recargar tu saldo del móvil con #bitcoin, #DASH o #litecoin 💰📲👌👇
@AlyseKilleenDecember 10, 2017
Gamers can use #Bitcoin on the Steam platform once again using @bitrefill; story via @bitcoinist.
@onreact_comDecember 9, 2017
Just tested Bitrefill - works seamlessly: https://bitrefill.com via @bitrefill
@SatoshiLiteDecember 8, 2017
You can now buy Steam vouchers with LTC! Thanks @bitrefill for supporting Litecoin!
@BTCPuertoRico16 September, 2017
Uno de los mejores servicios basados en #bitcoin, @bitrefill. Recargas al instante y servicio al cliente de primera. Altamente recomendado.

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