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Bitrefill's Xbox gift card lets you purchase Xbox games and content and pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

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Xbox Live is where you connect with your friends, have access to games, music, TV shows and more. With the Xbox Live Immediate Prepaid Card you get credits for games, movies, music for your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Windows through the Xbox Marketplace Brazil. Go to to register your Prepaid.
Go to to register your Prepaid. To use your Xbox Live Prepaid Card, access your Microsoft account with the domains @, @ or @ Your Xbox Live Prepaid Card credit will be used in full. You can register as many cards as you want per account, with a limit of US $ 1000.00 (equivalent).
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O Cartão Pré-Pago Xbox Live é ao portador e não é recarregável. Seu saldo não poderá ser cancelado, trocado, devolvido ou ser convertido em dinheiro. O Cartão Pré-Pago Xbox Live é único e intransferível. Não é possível a transferência de saldo para outro Cartão Pré-Pago. Para consultar o saldo, acesse sua conta através da sua conta Xbox Live.

Validade: 12 meses.

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