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CR Vanguard is an excellent retail chain enterprise group subordinate to CR Group, which is a state-holding enterprise group directly under the central government and a Fortune Global 500 enterprise. It owns several famous brands, such as CR Vanguard, Suguo, Ole’, blt, V+, Tesco express, V>nGO, etc.

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Once purchased the product, you will receive a ULR link containing a QR code. To use the giftcard, just have the QR code scanned at the cashier in store. Please note, screenshots of the QR code is not usable. The link has to be refreshed to generate a new QR code before being scanned at the cashier.

Como Gift Cards funcionam

1.Insira o valor

Insira o valor que você quer que seu Gift Card tenha

2.Pague com Crypto

Na maioria dos casos seu pagamento é confirmado dentro de 1 minuto

3.Pronto! Agora é só resgatar seu código!

Assim que seu pagamento for confirmado, você receberá o código do seu Gift Card

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