Turbo Lightning Channel

Turbo Lightning Channel

Turbo channels are the fastest way to join the Lightning Network, with funds instantly ready to spend!

This service allows you to open a channel to Bitrefill's well-connected Lightning node with a custom capacity & BTC balance, without having to wait for confirmations.

You can pay for, or gift, a turbo channel to send payments over Lightning instantly while the channel is still confirming. You can buy using all supported payment methods, including altcoins.

Thor channels are kept open for a minimum of 30 days, potentially longer if active.

You must use Bitcoin Lightning Wallet on Android.

More info here: Lightning Channel Step by Step Guide

500,000 sats balance (1,000,000 sats capacity)

1,000,000 sats balance (2,000,000 sats capacity)

2,000,000 sats balance (4,000,000 sats capacity)

5,000,000 sats balance (10,000,000 sats capacity)