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  1. 本卡在绑定淘宝账号后可在天猫超市购物使用,天猫超市网址:
  2. 在天猫超市购物结算时,将优先使用本卡进行支付。
  3. 本卡有效期为购卡之日起36个月,具体到期时间及余额可登录电脑端账户页面查询。查询网址:
  4. 本卡为不记名卡,不挂失,不可提现。使用时请遵守《享淘卡章程》的相关规定。
  1. Combine your Tmall Xiangtaoka with your Taobao account to purchase products from
  2. Make payment with your Tmall Xiangtaoka upon checkout
  3. Tmall Xiangtaoka shall be valid for 36 months from the date of activation. Please visit to check expiration date and balance
  4. Tmall Xiangtaoka are unregistered cards, may not be declared lost, or exchanged for cash. Please refer Tmall Xiangtaoka Rules for more details

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