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    Sử dụng Bitcoin hoặc altcoin trên Telenor. Thanh toán bằng Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin hoặc Ethereum. Gửi email ngay lập tức. Không cần tài khoản. Bắt đầu sống bằng tiền điện tử!

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    Tối thiểu 110 PKRTối đa: 5000 PKR
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    Reviews (10)

    Working good but for 1000 PKR I pay 8.33 USD 1000 PKR = 7.12 USD...
    Deep Shaow2018-11-05
    I'm using this service since last month and i have purchased top ups for countries and this awesome and real quick. Awesome...
    Sincere Teacher2018-10-30
    Great Service , Instant completed my order ,I Really Appreciate Ur Services, Thanks
    Touheed Jatt2018-06-03
    Amazing Service to recharge your mobile with Bitcoin and 4 other crypto crunncies Very fast service
    raheel khan2018-03-02
    Hi, Yes im so happy with This service, and i like it so much, and i suggest to my friends and family to join it, Thank you all team.
    Hamza Bhatti2018-02-11
    Bitrefill is working perfectly fine. This is the first thing that goes beyond my expectations, i mean i just click confirm button on coinbase and here i received my confirmation of Top Up on mobile. Really Happy, Thank you for being on the internet.
    Muhammad Dilawar2017-10-26
    I'm so satisfied with the Bitcoin top-up service BITrefill. I love it.
    Woow!!!So fast I like this website transactions are really fast
    muhammad asif2017-07-01
    wow great web site very reliable. legit and instant refil i like very much and i recmomend to every pakistani using bitcoin use this web site to withdraw your bitcoin directly to your mobile as a liad
    zakir khan2017-04-20
    sir in previous refill i sent 0.0003 instead of 0.0013. i received refill for 0.0013, now i want either send me 0.0017 as refill to my mobile number +923459336663 or resend me my balance 0.0017 to this address 15WCqAbmQ9vmbfDbQjhM1XJHRcBMGhPqB5 Thanks.

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