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    Используйте Bitcoin или альткойны для Telenor, Оплата с помощью Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin или Ethereum. Мгновенная доставка по электронной почте. Без регистрации. Начните жить за криптовалюту!

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    Мин: 110 PKRМакс: 5000 PKR
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    Reviews (19)

    Working good but for 1000 PKR I pay 8.33 USD 1000 PKR = 7.12 USD...
    Deep Shaow2018-11-05
    I'm using this service since last month and i have purchased top ups for countries and this awesome and real quick. Awesome...
    Sincere Teacher2018-10-30
    Great Service , Instant completed my order ,I Really Appreciate Ur Services, Thanks
    Touheed Jatt2018-06-03
    Amazing Service to recharge your mobile with Bitcoin and 4 other crypto crunncies Very fast service
    raheel khan2018-03-02
    Hi, Yes im so happy with This service, and i like it so much, and i suggest to my friends and family to join it, Thank you all team.
    Hamza Bhatti2018-02-11
    Bitrefill is working perfectly fine. This is the first thing that goes beyond my expectations, i mean i just click confirm button on coinbase and here i received my confirmation of Top Up on mobile. Really Happy, Thank you for being on the internet.
    Muhammad Dilawar2017-10-26
    I'm so satisfied with the Bitcoin top-up service BITrefill. I love it.
    Woow!!!So fast I like this website transactions are really fast
    muhammad asif2017-07-01
    wow great web site very reliable. legit and instant refil i like very much and i recmomend to every pakistani using bitcoin use this web site to withdraw your bitcoin directly to your mobile as a liad
    zakir khan2017-04-20
    sir in previous refill i sent 0.0003 instead of 0.0013. i received refill for 0.0013, now i want either send me 0.0017 as refill to my mobile number +923459336663 or resend me my balance 0.0017 to this address 15WCqAbmQ9vmbfDbQjhM1XJHRcBMGhPqB5 Thanks.

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