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Talabat UAE
Talabat UAE

Talabat UAE Carte-cadeau

1% Récompenses

Rating: 3.7 - 6 reviews

Cette carte-cadeau est seul échangeable sur la plateforme de commerce électronique

Bitrefill's Talabat gift card lets you order and pay with Bitcoin and crypto.

🇦🇪 Ce code ne peut fonctionner qu'en United Arab Emirates
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At Talabat, we believe the future is you. How do we play a bigger role in your life, helping you create and enjoy the moments that matter. Whether this is a quick bite to eat for yourself, a romantic meal for you and your date, dinner for your entire family, or even having your daily groceries delivered at record speed, we want to help you create and enjoy every single moment. We span nine countries, and bring joy to our customers through hundreds of millions of orders per year. Founded in 2004 by a small group of entrepreneurs in Kuwait, Talabat's success expanded to the rest of the GCC region & Jordan, making it the leading and most popular food ordering app in the region, connecting users to restaurants that cater to all taste buds. In addition to a directory of more than 40,000+ restaurants to choose from, never-ending deals and offers, secure and easy online payments, Talabat is the go-to platform for online food ordering and groceries in the Middle East.
1. Download Talabat app and register
2. Open App*
3. Select “Food” and choose your desired restaurant
4. Make selection of required items (minimum order value must be greater than
the voucher value)
5. Click “View basket”
6. In the basket, select “Add Voucher”
7. Insert voucher code and click “Use voucher”
8. Once voucher is redeemed, it appears in the “Vouchers” wallet under the
Active panel and is valid for a set time period
9. Return to the Basket
10. Checkout

Review terms and conditions at

Ali saleh2022-08-27
Good card
Not a very good experience for a first-timer like us. I ordered from the PizzaHut using Talabat, it was a frustrating and stressful experience. 2 times that the PizzaHut delivery guy came to our place(same pizza order but a different delivery guy) and then asked for the money payment which we thought that we already paid using the voucher. After that, we decide to cancel everything to restart from scratch and order from another Pizza shop because I think Talabat and PizzaHut have a technical problem with their system, maybe. But I think I will consider other alternatives than Talabat
unlike other food delivery vouchers, you're unable to completely get your order using the voucher, and you are forced to use it at full. for example I ordered some dominos i was forced to overspend to fill the voucher+ pay for delivery+ meet minimum order amount (anything you buy within the voucher doesnt count towards delivery amount or minimum order amount). over all wouldn't recommend if you're trying to eat off bitcoin, stick to some of the other choices
Talabat is an online store. Each eGift card can be used only once as it is only valid for a single transaction. This eGift Card is only applicable for registered customers and for online payments. The order value has to be a minimum of AED 1 over the face value of the eGift Card, for the discount to be applied successfully. The balance amount on the order can be paid through other online payment methods. This eGift code cannot be used in conjunction with any other code & is not valid on Talabat daily. This eGift will be applicable only on ordering online through Talabat app or website in UAE. Expired eGift Cards cannot be extended, exchanged or refunded.

Comment fonctionnent les cartes cadeaux

Saisissez le montant

Sélectionnez ou tapez le montant que vous souhaitez attribuer à la carte.

Payez avec votre crypto monnaie préférée

Votre paiement est confirmé en une minute dans la plupart des cas.

Ça y est, prêt à l'emploi !

Échangez votre carte cadeau chez le détaillant de votre choix selon ses instructions.

Questions fréquemment posées

Talabat UAE n'accepte pas la crypto mais Bitrefill fournit une solution de contournement en vous permettant d'acheter un Talabat UAE carte-cadeau avec Bitcoin ou une autre crypto-monnaie. Cette carte-cadeau peut ensuite être utilisée pour effectuer des achats chez Talabat UAE.
Vous pouvez facilement convertir vos Bitcoins ou crypto en une numérique carte cadeau Talabat UAE.
  1. Entrez le montant que vous souhaitez recevoir en carte cadeau Talabat UAE.
  2. Choisissez la crypto-monnaie que vous souhaitez utiliser pour le paiement, telle que Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash. Vous pouvez également payer en utilisant Binance Pay.
  3. Une fois votre paiement confirmé, vous recevrez votre code carte cadeau Talabat UAE .
Une fois que vous avez acheté une carte-cadeau Talabat UAE chez Bitrefill, elle vous sera envoyée par e-mail presque instantanément. Ou vous pouvez échanger la carte-cadeau directement à partir de la page de paiement.
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